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P-47: The Phantom Fighter

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Title Screen

P-47: The Phantom Fighter

Also known as: P-47: The Freedom Fighter (INT)
Developer: NMK
Publisher: Jaleco
Platform: Arcade (Jaleco Mega System 1-A)
Released internationally: May 1988

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Like many other games, P-47: The Phantom Fighter is about destroying tanks, battleships, and aircraft in World War II.


Subroutine Labels
Dare you to comprehend them?

Forbidden Names

The following names are filtered out of the high score screen:

Name Notes
(Blank) Unoriginality filters.
SEX Pretty sure this one is obvious.
OME "Omeko" and "Omanko" are very rude slang terms for the vagina.

Omeko is mainly used in the Kansai region. The more you know~★
AHO A variant of "baka" that's either more or less offensive depending on where you are in Japan.
MAN Probably meant for "manko", yet another term like Omeko or Omanko. Rude.

If a player tries to put any of those names in, it'll be replaced by one of the following:

Name Notes
K.O Unknown developer initials. Possibly Tamio Nakasato (lead programmer at NMK at the time), but initials don't line up at all.
YOU Youichi Koyama, sub-programmer for this game.
AKI Possibly Akihiko Sato. (AKI credit is also in Makai Densetsu)
TAE Taeko Suzuki, credited as a character and sound designer in Butasan and Psychic 5.
Y.M Yousuke Maki, also credited for Hardware in Butasan and Psychic 5.
T.K Probably Tecchan K. (some composition in Saint Dragon)
KIN Unknown developer initials.
NMK The developers of this game. Go back and read the Bob!

Version Differences

There are at least three different versions: The Japanese set, the World set, and the Japanese "Export" set. For some strange reason, the Export set still contains the exportation warning found in the Japanese version.


JP / Export World
P47TitleJP.png P47Title.png

The game's subtitle is "The Freedom Fighter" in the JP and Export sets, and "The Phantom Fighter" in the World version.


World / JP Export
P47NorthFranceINT.png P47NorthAfricaINT.png P47ArdennesINT.png P47NorthFranceEXP.png P47NorthAfricaEXP.png P47ArdennesEXP.png

The main difference between the Export and other sets is that in the Export version, every Balkenkreuz and Swastika has been erased. This changes the game from an explicit World War II theme to a more generic plane-centered shoot 'em up.

World / JP P47FlagTankINT.png P47BigPlane1INT.png P47BigPlane2INT.png P47PlaneBossINT.png P47BigTankINT.png P47FinalTankINT.png
Export P47FlagTankEXP.png P47BigPlane1EXP.png P47BigPlane2EXP.png P47PlaneBossEXP.png P47BigTankEXP.png P47FinalTankEXP.png

This also applies to six of the game's enemies, including that flag on the teeny tiny tank.