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Peggle Deluxe

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Title Screen

Peggle Deluxe

Developer: PopCap Games
Publisher: PopCap Games
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: February 27, 2007

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

To do:
There's a function relating to cheats relating to names in the Mac version, developer cheat toggle?

Peggle Deluxe takes you on a magical adventure to bounce a ball onto other balls.

Unused Areas

Unused areas left in the game files.

Screenshot 17.png Screenshot 18.png Screenshot 19.png Screenshot 20.png

Unused Music

beat 10 The beat 10 is quite similar to another beat that is heard in the game, but this version is unused.

Beat 5 The beat 5 is played in the downloadable version of the game on PopCap's site, but not in the Steam version.

Unused Graphics

Unused graphics found in the game files.

Peggle Deluxe Frameb1.png Peggle Deluxe Tip orig.png Peggle Deluxe StarbadgeIcon.png

Level Editor

To do:
There is hardcoded stuff too! Maybe it's usable?

Text for a level editor can be found in main.pak.

IncludeFile: LevelEditor_Types.cfg

Group BrickDef
	Val: Type,				brickdef_type
	Val: Radius,			brickdef_radius
	Val: Angle,				brickdef_angle
	Val: Thickness,			brickdef_thickness
	Val: Rotation,			brickdef_rotation
	Val: Subdivisions,		brickdef_subdiv
	Val: LeftAngle,			brickdef_leftangle
	Val: RightAngle,		brickdef_rightangle

Group Brick
	Val: Type,				brick_type
	Val: Radius,			brick_radius
	Val: Angle,				brick_angle
	Val: Thickness,			brick_thickness
	Val: Rotation,			brick_rotation
	Val: Subdivisions,		brick_subdiv
	Val: Anchor,			brick_anchor

Group "Brick\nAdvanced"
	Val: TextureFlip,		brick_texflip
	Val: LeftAngle,			brick_leftangle
	Val: RightAngle,		brick_rightangle

Group Dimensions
	Val: x-pos,				physobj_xpos
	Val: y-pos,				physobj_ypos
	Val: Radius,			ball_radius
	Val: Width,				poly_width
	Val: Height,			poly_height
	Val: Align,				physobj_align

Group Grid
	Val: Size,			grid_size
	Val: Width,			grid_width
	Val: Height,		grid_height
	Val: x-off,			grid_x
	Val: y-off,			grid_y
	Val: zoom,			grid_zoom

Group Hole
	Val: Score,			hole_score
	Val: Width,			poly_width
	Val: Height,		poly_height
	Val: Circular,		hole_circular
	Val: Out Delay,		hole_outdelay

Group Id
	Val: Id,			physobj_id
	Val: SubId,			physobj_subid
	Val: Logic,			physobj_logic
	Val: BaseObj,		physobj_baseobj

Group Image
	Val: Name,			physobj_image
	Val: center-dx,		physobj_imagedx
	Val: center-dy,		physobj_imagedy
	Val: Rotation,		physobj_imagerot
	Val: Mirror,		poly_imagemirror
	Val: Background,	physobj_background
	Val: Foreground,	physobj_foreground
	Val: Foreground2,	physobj_foreground2

Group Material
	Val: Visible,			physobj_visible
	Val: Collidable,		physobj_collidable
	Val: Bouncy,			physobj_bouncy
	Val: Rolly,				physobj_rolly
	Val: SolidColor,		physobj_solidcolor
	Val: OutlineColor,		physobj_outlinecolor
	Val: Sound,				physobj_sound
	Val: StopReset,			physobj_ballstopreset

Group Material2
	Val: MaxBounceVel,		physobj_maxbouncevel
	Val: DrawSort,			physobj_drawsort
	Val: DrawFloat,			physobj_drawfloat
	Val: FlipperFlags,		physobj_flipperflags

Group Movement
	Val: Type,			mover_type
	Val: Moving,		physobj_moving
	Val: Radius,		mover_radius
	Val: Time,			mover_time
	Val: Phase,			mover_phase
	Val: Rotation,		mover_rotation
	Val: y-radius,		mover_radius2
	Val: MaxAngle,		mover_maxangle

Group "Movement\nAdvanced"
	Val: Offset,		mover_offset
	Val: Pause 1,		mover_pause1
	Val: Phase 1,		mover_phase1
	Val: Pause 2,		mover_pause2
	Val: Phase 2,		mover_phase2
	Val: Post Phase,	mover_postdelayphase
	Val: Path Rotate,	mover_moverotation

Group "Peg"
	Val: Type,			peg_type
	Val: Variable,		peg_variable
	Val: Crumble,		peg_crumble

Group Poly
	Val: Rotation,		poly_rotation
	Val: Scale,			poly_scale
	Val: NormalDir,		poly_normaldir
	Val: Convex,		poly_convex
	Val: GrowType,		poly_growtype

Group Types
	Val:		Display,				display_flags
	Val:		Selection,				select_flags
	Val:		Num Pegs,				count_pegs
	Val:		Num BallPegs,			count_ballpegs
	Val:		Num BrickPegs,			count_brickpegs

Command-line Parameters

The game's executable mentions developer command lines for starting the game. It's not friendly with commands using spaces, so use = instead. The majority are the exact same as Plants vs. Zombies however the game upgraded one and also has a unique one.

  • -screensaver: Immediately loads the the game into screensaver mode, interestingly the loading text says Starting Screensaver, the game is also automatically played by the computer, moving the mouse or pressing any key quits the game.
  • -replay: Immediately loads the said replay file after bootup, interestingly the loading text says Loading Replay instead, you must target the proper directory of a replay file to load it, or else nothing happens.

Internal project name

The internal name of the game is thunderball according to strings in the game executable.

Unused text

Pego Leftovers

<String id="Check here to allow your monitor to go into powersave mode while running the Pego Screensaver.">
<String id="Check here to set your Pego as your Screensaver.">

Dubbed "Pego" for months of production, the team was suddenly tasked with changing the name based on copyright issues, which explains the presence of these duplicated (but renamed) strings.