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Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth/Unused Graphics

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This is a sub-page of Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth.

Early Menu UI

In Graphic2D\Camp\top\camp_top.tpc and Graphic2D\Facility\Top\fclTop.tpc are leftovers of an earlier UI for the main menu.

Early Character Cutins

In the eye cutin folder on top of the final cutins, every Persona 3 and Persona 4 has a leftover cutin from Persona Q and all of the new characters have a placeholder cutin, mostly using unfinished artwork.

Early Final
Eye 013.pngEye 014.pngEye 015.pngEye 016.pngEye 017.pngEye 018.pngEye 019.pngEye 01a.pngEye 01b.pngEye 01c.png Eye cutin chr013 5551.pngEye cutin chr014 5551.pngEye cutin chr015 5551.pngEye cutin chr016 5551.pngEye cutin chr017 5551.pngEye cutin chr018 5551.pngEye cutin chr019 5551.pngEye cutin chr01a 5551.pngEye cutin chr01b 5551.pngEye cutin chr01c 5551.png

All-Out Attack

There exists a placeholder, early version of Joker's All-Out Attack finisher striking a different pose where all the navigators should be.

PanishFinish_006_4444.ctpk - Rise

PanishFinish_00e_4444.ctpk - Fuuka

PanishFinish_01a_4444.ctpk - Futaba

Early Final
PanishFinish 006 4444.png PanishFinish 014 4444.png

Unused Dialogue Portraits

data.cpk\Graphic2D\Chara\Bustup contains 128x128 images of every party member, with all of the Persona 3 and Persona 4 characters using their art from Persona Q and similar to the eye cutins, the female Persona 3 Protagonist and the Persona 5 party members use an early version of their artwork, most notable Morgana, having an entirely different pose, also seen in the placeholder opening. Most of the Persona 5 party members lack shading, have cropping artifacts, and a few resemble colored sketches.

Persona Portraits

There exist slightly modified or leftover portraits from Persona Q of the main character's base personas.

Note the change in position and size on both Arsene and female Orpheus.


Early Final
Pst 146.ctpk.00.png Pcut 146.ctpk.00.png Pst 116.ctpk.00.png Pcut 116.ctpk.00.png

Orpheus (Female)

Early Final
Pst 144.ctpk.00.png Pcut 144.ctpk.00.png Pst 114.ctpk.00.png Pcut 114.ctpk.00.png

Izanagi and Orpheus have leftover cutin and menu portraits from Persona Q.


Leftover Final
Pst 140.ctpk.00.png Pcut 140.ctpk.00.png Pst 0f0.ctpk.00.png Pcut 0f0.ctpk.00.png


Leftover Final
Pst 142.ctpk.00.png Pcut 142.ctpk.00.png Pst 0f2.ctpk.00.png Pcut 0f2.ctpk.00.png

Placeholder Tutorial Images

Placeholder/Early tutorial images; The design of these seem to be based on the first game's. These images are notable for the different designs of the elementals and HUD, likely from an earlier build. All have labels of their filenames and on the peach-colored bar, reads: [Temp Image] 256x128.