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Planescape: Torment/Items

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This is a sub-page of Planescape: Torment.


Rat Charm

Perfect gift for your beloved!

An unused item called the “Rat Charm” can be found in the game's files. It is a Chaosman-only item that gives the user +2 Armor Class, +1 to Strength, +1 to Constitution, -2 to Wisdom and confuses the user.

Arkin's Ring

It channels the power of everyone's favorite Serb ultranationlist, Arkan, when you use it.

There is an unused quest item called “Arkin's Ring” in the game's files. It was supposed to be used in the scrapped “Arkin's Ring” quest.


Apparently candles you can get from Michael's are very valuable in the Planescape universe.

An unused item called “Candlestick” can be found in the game's files. There are no hints as to what it'd be used for.

Whistle of Warding

It was cut because it let you access Warp Zone.

The Whistle of Warding is an unused item. When used, it will activate the “Anti-Magic Shell” spell, but can only be used once. Considering how useful it is, it's very likely that it would be a very rare item.

Invisible Immunity Items

Invisible items that give enemies resistance to certain status effects, such as Curse, along with generic +1-6 immunities, can be found in the game's files.

Immunity to Non-Silver Non-Magical

An invisible item called “Immunity to Non-Silver Non-Magical” can be found in the item files. Non enemies have both resistances, nor is there a “Silver” weapon property in the game.


A strange ring named MORTEP can be found in the item files. It doesn't have a real name and no description, but its flags state that it gives the user immunity to poison. Considering that poison is never used by any enemies in the game, this must be a leftover from a much earlier version of the game.

Dead Contract

I guess this contract...IS DEAD.

This is an unused item version of a Dead Contract you can sign. The game lets you sign a Dead Contract, but you never obtain one in your inventory.

Copper-Eyes Dead Contract

I wouldn't take a contract from a guy whose name sounds like a California Gold Rush-era prospector.

The Copper-Eyes Dead Contract is an unused quest item. It is a Dead Contract for an unknown character. It is likely to be related to the Forged Dead Contract.

Forged Dead Contract

Looks like a perfect copy to me.

A item called the Forged Dead Contract can be found. This was supposed to be used with a scrapped quest.

Baator/Carceri/Negative Material Spell Key

These items would allow a mage's spell to work properly while in Baator, Carceri and the Fortress of Regrets. They were probably removed because all they did is add needless complication to the game.

Anarchist Tattoo

There is an unused alternate version of the Anarchist Tattoo in the game's files. When used, it would caste the spell “Haste”. The description hints that it would piss off certain people in Sigil if worn.

Lump of Obsidian

It's like Black Isle's successor, Obsidian, got their name from this! WHOA!

An item called “Lump of Obsidian” can be found in the game's files. It would likely to have been used to escape from Baator, as Obsidian is a part of the key to leaving Baator in-game and Avernus, the part of Baator you visit in the game, is mentioned in the description.

Soego's Dustman Holy Symbol

Somebody's a major fan of the Scream painting.

It seems that Soego was supposed to drop his holy symbol at one them when he was killed. Whether it was supposed to be dropped with his head or was an earlier version of the head is unknown.

Pendant of Yemeth

Found at your local goth shop.

The Pendant of Yemeth is an item used in a scrapped quest, which makes it unused as well. Interestingly enough, it has quite a detailed description for being “just” a quest item.

The item is named for its creator, a sorcerer of a by-gone age. Though Yemeth's power was great, time began to take its toll 

on him; he began to grow weak and sodden. The Pendant was commissioned by the dying wizard to serve as a vessel for souls -- souls

which Yemeth himself would draw from dying mortals, and later use to power his waning life-force. Yemeth was eventually slain in a 

battle, destroyed utterly, and the Pendant was lost. Sages said that, even if the Pendant were to be recovered, no mortal knows 

the secrets of its use.

The description.

Priest Spell Scrolls

All of the Priest spells have scrolls, but they cannot be found in the game.

Rune of Torment Scroll

I wish they would've let you use it one more than one enemy.

A scroll for learning the ultimate spell, the Rune of Torment, can be found in the game's files. Apparently, it was supposed to be a learnable spell instead of being cast via an item.

Enoll Eva's Duplication Scroll

Wait a minute; how does a robot make a magic spell?!?!

A scroll for the Enoll Evas Duplication spell can be found in the game's files. It seems the player was able to learn the spell via a scroll instead of using the Twisted Gear of Enoll Eva at one time.

Antimagic Shell Scroll

Spell preferred by social recluses worldwide..

A scroll for the Antimagic Shell Scroll can be found in the game's files. It was probably scrapped because the major bosses use primarily magic-based spells, and this would make them borderline harmless to the person that used it.

Scroll of Ignus' Fury

I don't have fury!

A scroll that lets you learn the spell “Ignus' Fury” can be found in the game's files, but cannot be found in-game. This is used by Ignus if the player fights him in the final area.

Scroll of Conflagulation


A scroll for the spell Conflagulation can be found in the game's files. It seems that the player was supposed to be able to learn it at one time. It could've been scrapped because the player has very limited opportunities to use level 9 spells such as Conflagulation in the first place, and giving them a ton of level 9 spells they can use on a handful of enemies total is a waste.

Scroll of Elysum's Fires


A scroll for the spell Elysum's Fires can be found in the game's files. It was likely scrapped for the same reason that the Scroll of Conflagulation was.

Black-Barbed Shield Scroll

Apparently level 2 spells are too OP to use as regular spells. Thanks Black Isle!

An unused scroll for the Black-Barbed Shield spell can be found. At one point, the player was able to learn the spell instead of having to use the Tattoo of the Black-Barbed Call in order to use it.

Sample Spell Scroll

A test magic scroll can be found in the game's files. It uses the Chromatic Orb's scroll picture. Its description is “SAMPLE SPELL NAME”.

Iannis' Vault Key

WARNING: Does not open up any Vault-Tec Vaults.

An unused plot item named “Iannis' Vault Key” can be found in the game's files. It seems that at one time, you were able to access a vault owned by Iannis, but he doesn't have one in the final game.

Indep Earring

Indep is a retarded name for a faction.

An unused earring named “Indep Earring” can be found in the game's files. It gives +1 to Armor Class, +1 to all saving throws, +1 to Save vs. Spells and immunity to Confusion.

Interestingly, it states that it can only be used by the Indep faction. The only person that is in the Indep faction in the game is Annah. Either this was an Annah-exclusive item, or the player was supposed to be able to join the Indep faction at one time, which would allow you to wear it.


Drink it; I dare you.

An misc. unused item named “Inkwell” can be found in the game's files. There doesn't seem to be anywhere it would fit.

Linguist's Ashes

There should've been a way to break it.

An unused item called “Linguist's Ashes” can be found in the game's files. There is an urn containing a lingiust's ashes in the final game, but it cannot be picked up. There are no hints in the game files as to why you would be able to pick up the ashes at one time.

Soul Exodus

A strange and unused item named “Soul Exodus” can be found in the game's files. It has no description, but is listed as a “Book/Misc” item. All that is known is that it is a magical item.

Repel Undead

This would've been useful if there were more than 3 hostile undead characters in the entire game.

An unused stick called “Repel Undead” can be found. It doesn't do anything and its description only lists its name, but based on its name, it would probably be used to make it so that undead would either not attack you or run away from you. It was probably scrapped because the only places it would be truly useful would be in the zombie-filled corridor before the Dead Nations, as it's the only area in the game where undead enemies are automatically hostile to you.

Eye of Venca

Eye see you! AHAHAHAHAHAHdasldkjaflgdsjgkldfsjlkgjkl

The Eye of Venca is an unused and cursed “eyeball” accessory for the player. When equipped, it allows the player to memorize double their amount of current level 1 and 2 spells, increases their resistance to magic 35%, gives a +4 to Save vs. Death, and reduces the user's Wisdom and Intelligence by 3.

It might have been named in honor of the Eye of Vecna, a Dungeon & Dragons lore item.

It has a very detailed description, which can be seen below.

Many tales are told of the arch-lich Vecna. 

It is said that Vecna was one of the Planes' mightiest sorcerers, able to draw life from dust and send it back again, extinguish 

lives with a glance, and make the earth shudder beneath his touch. He was said to be so powerful that when the end of his life 

drew near, death refused to take him into its kingdom. 

And so Vecna died, yet lived on.

Abandoned by death, Vecna became the master of a vast kingdom on a prime world called Oerth. Neither kind nor just, Lord Vecna's 

rule was one of great horror and suffering, and it is said his reach was so great that even the Powers of Oerth feared to cross 

him for fearing of drawing his eye.

Yet, while Vecna's gaze traveled ever outward in search of new conquests, he failed to see his own end when it came for him... in

the form of his lieutenant, Kas. 

As was fitting for Vecna's left hand servant, the arch-lich had fashioned a terrible weapon for his lieutenant as a symbol of his

authority. Vecna made this weapon with such skill it is said that part of the sorcerer entered the blade, and it was this sliver 

of Vecna that gave the blade its life and its treacherous nature. Where once there was lifeless steel, there became thought, 

intent, and, perhaps most horrible of all, a voice. 

The sword whispered treacheries to the ambitious Kas, night upon night, month upon month, year upon year, until one night, the 

remains of Kas' discipline was seduced by the rippling edge of the blade. Convinced by his blade that he was Vecna's superior, Kas

confronted his dread master upon his Dessicated Throne, and the two of them fought a terrible battle. 

During the battle, Kas was killed, but before he fell, his blade had dismembered his former master, scattering his remains so that 

no one may draw them together again. And so it has come to pass that pieces of Vecna have made their way across the Planes... one 

of these is the Eye of Vecna. It carries with it a bloody, violent history, so much so that many scholars refuse to speak of its 

treacheries, for fear the eye will come to them, seeking to add another victim to its bloody chronology.

The Eye of Vecna was instrumental in the extermination of the House of Hyeric, once the ruling dynasty in Nyrond. It is said to

have been behind the sundering of the Conclave of Tyssis-on-the-Sea, which led to the three-cycle war that poisoned the seas of 

Malhatai and left the oceanic world barren of life. On the ashen Plane of Ghalentir, it possessed the gentle father of Sasaran, a 

babe with the potential to lead his suffering people from their shadowed lands to the Gates of Paradise... had not the eye drove 

Sasaran's father to murder his son as he lay sleeping in his crib. All these kingdoms, all these futures, the Eye of Vecna laid 


The Eye's powers are said to shift with each new owner, but one thing is certain: no good ever comes from whoever has the 

misfortune to possess it. It is destined to betray its wearer at a critical moment, failing him when he needs its power the most. 

Charcoal Pencil

I wonder if you can use this on the SAT?

There is an unused item called “Charcoal Pencil” in the game's files. There doesn't seem to be anywhere in the game where it would be useful.


I've always wanted to put a piece of chalk under flowing water and see what would happen.

“Chalk” is an unused item that can be found in the item files. Who knows where this would've been used at.

Blank Journal

My life sucks.

An unused Blank Journal can be found in the item files. It was probably used to trick the player during the “Find Your Journal” quest.

Tattoo of the Deceiver

The type of tattoo only a heartbroken fangirl could enjoy.

The Tattoo of the Deceiver is an unused tattoo in the game's files. When equipped, it gives the user +3 to all damage types and +3 THAC0. According to the description, it would be able to be purchased after meeting someone named “the Deceiver”, but there are no characters that are described as that.

Tattoo of the Unbroken Circle

What a lameass tattoo.

The Tattoo of the Unbroken Circle is an unused tattoo found in the game's files. When used, it casts the spell “Zerthimon's Focus”, but has a limited amount of charges. It's likely that this could be purchased after completing Dak'kon's Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon plotline.