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Pocahontas (Genesis)

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Title Screen


Developer: Funcom Oslo[1]
Publisher: Disney Interactive[1]
Platform: Genesis
Released in US: January 1, 1996[1]
Released in EU: 1996[1]

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Pocahontas was a game released late in the Sega Genesis's life. It also had a Game Boy counterpart, as well as a planned, but scrapped, SNES version.

Unused Text

Various strange, unused chunks of text were found in the game. The stranger ones may have been placeholders.

The text starts at offset 0xA6A0. It says:

P O P C O R N ! ! !

Also, at 0x104F0:

I heard you farting,
My life will never be the same again,
I heard you farting,
Sing AnDybDahl!

At 0x109B0, there is a note to a programmer:

Optimize the engine
so that the game doesn't chunk up
every single time pocahontas jumps

At 0x12194:


Isn't this out of the game?

Unknown Passwords

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.

At 001417B is a series of 15 hardcoded passwords. Like all passwords in the game, these consist of an animal icon plus five plaintext characters. In the ROM, each animal icon is coded in a single byte as a number between 00 and 08, in the same order as the game's password screen, e.g. 00 = Bear, 01 = Bird, 02 = Owl, etc. After that, the remainder of the character follows in plaintext.

(Source: Tony H @ Sega-16.com)

Inputting any of these passwords will trigger a bad password message ("PASSWORD WAS WRONG"), and 13 of them will also trigger a sound effect. For most of the passwords the effect on gameplay (if any) is unknown, with the exception of one password that immediately triggers the game's ending sequence, and one that disables certain enemies in the third level.

The passwords seem to be based on the names of various people who worked on the game, although one of them is possibly a reference to another game Funcom developed at the time, Nightmare Circus.

The list is as follows:

Password Sound Effect Additional Effects Developer Referenced
Bear C1RCS Scream of "Savages!"
(Sound 13)
Unknown Nightmare Circus (another game by Funcom)
Otter CH1PV None Guards in Level 3 won't shoot Pocahontas Chip Vollers
(Project Manager)(Disney Interactive)
Bird NDRSD Indian war cry
(Sound 58)
Unknown Anders Dybdahl
Owl CLNRK Meeko chitters
(Sound 19)
Unknown Carl-Henrik Skårstedt
(Lead Programmer/Engine 2 Design and Coding)(Funcom)
Deer L1LCN Frog ribbits
(Sound 16)
Unknown Leila Chang
(Associate Producer)(Disney Interactive)
Squirrel JSPRH Pocahontas grunts
(Sound 23)
Unknown Jesper Hansen
(Programmer/Additional Tools)(Funcom)
Fish KNDLL Guard screams
(Sound 60)
Unknown ?
Wolf GLRSN None Displays bad password message for a split second, then triggers ending ?
Eagle 0LPTR Crashing sound
(Sound 26)
Unknown Ole-Petter Rosenlund
(Lead Graphic Artist)(Funcom)
Bear J0CKB Duck quacks
(Sound 12)
Unknown ?
Owl CR1ST Bird noise?
(Sound 25)
Unknown Christina Vann
(Lead Artist)(Disney Interactive)
Wolf GLNNK Wolf howls
(Sound 39)
Unknown Glenn Kristoffersen
(Character Rendering)(Funcom)
Deer G0DGR Checkpoint SFX?
(Sound 38)
Unknown Gaute Godager
(Producer/Paper Design)(Funcom)
Squirrel JQKR1 Pocahontas: "No!"
(Sound 57)
Unknown Jack Kristoffersen
(Background Editing)(Funcom)
Bird LNSHN Metallic sound
(Sound 61)
Unknown Lin Shen
(Lead Artist)(Disney Interactive)