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Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire/Pokémon Festa 2002 Demo

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There is a lot of unused data in the retail versions of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire related to a demo that was playable at the Pokémon Festa 2002 event in Japan.

Unused Maps

To do:
Details about the events on the maps, like trainers, and if they're used in the final version or not.

Map bank 27 contains two maps that were used in a demo version of the games, playable at the Pokémon Festa 2002 event in Japan. The first map is a prototype version of the northern part of Route 104, in the final version connecting Rustboro City and Petalburg Woods. The actual map data of this map has been removed from the retail version and only its event data remains. The map's dimensions in its header were also changed to 1 by 1, so its original size can only be assumed. The second map in this map bank is a prototype version of the Pretty Petal Flower Shop. Unlike the prototype Route 104, the Flower Shop map still has all its data. The trainers on the prototype Route 104 still have text associated with them, although it may have been deleted for some trainers as some were used in the final.

Footage from Pokémon Festa 2002, showing how those maps looked in-game.

Unused Trainers

To do:
Details about if they're used in the final version or not.

All trainers here exist in the retail versions and are either unused or use a different set of Pokémon.

ID Trainer Class Name Money Pokémon 1 Pokémon 2
074 LADY BRIANNA 2000 Wynaut Lv. 10 Taillow Lv. 10
075 LADY CINDY 2200 Zigzagoon Lv. 11
1E5 TWINS AMY & LIV 408 Plusle Lv. 9 Minun Lv. 9
1E6 TWINS GINA & MIA 120 Duskull Lv. 10 Shroomish Lv. 10
279 HIKER LUCAS 400 Wailmer Lv. 9
27A HIKER MIKE 400 Pelipper Lv. 10 Poochyena Lv. 10

Unused Text


Unused text for a signpost located in front of the Pretty Petal Flower Shop is located at offset 0x19B36E

Welcome to the World of POKéMON!

The text for a sign located near the top of the route is located at offset 0x19B38F

May all POKéMON battles be bright,
fun, and ferocious!


Text for the guy near the Pretty Petal Flower Shop is located at offset 0x19B2CB

I've never seen the POKéMON you have.
It makes me envious a little.

Text for the boy blocking the entrance to the Petalburg Woods is located at offset 0x19B30F

Look at all those TRAINERS!
They have different POKéMON, too.
And they're all waiting for you!


The text for Lady Cindy, a trainer who, in the final version of the game, is actually found on Route 104.

Oh? You look like a good TRAINER. Will you look at my POKéMON?

I'm not good enough for you.

I enjoyed our battle very much. Please battle with me some other time.

Text for Lady Brianna. She isn't used anywhere else in the game.

My POKéMON are extremely cute and extremely strong. Please allow me to show you.

I must concede defeat. After all, you are strong.

The next time we meet, I will have raised my POKéMON much more. Don't expect mercy then!

Text for Hiker Mike.

Hey, hey! This is my first battle in a while. I'll give it my all!

But I gave it my all...

You're far too strong! You must be a great TRAINER!

Text for Twins Amy & Liv.

Go! Go, our POKéMON!

Oh... We couldn't win.

You can't battle with us if you have only one POKéMON. Why? Because we're strong!

Did it surprise you that two POKéMON battled at the same time?

Text for Twins Gina & Mia. They exist in the final, however, they use a different team.

You look like a strong TRAINER, but can you beat us?

Waaah! We lost!

Do you only have one POKéMON that can battle? Then we can't battle with you yet.

If two POKéMON can battle at the same time, all sorts of new things can happen.