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Prerelease:Action 52 (NES)

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Action 52 (NES).

To do:
Further details from an interview with Mario Gonzales.


The manual includes descriptions of all 52 games, but several either do not match the corresponding games at all or include aspects which were not implemented.

Crazy Shuffle

Educational puzzle game. Picture matching with many levels, games and options. Tests memory and concentration skills.

Shooting Gallery

Seven different levels to test shooting skills. Skeet shooting, gallery shooting, target shooting, quick-draw and a final shoot-out with bad guys and all.

Bits and Pieces

Try to make solid lines out of various sizes and shapes as they float down to the bottom of the screen.


Help the ant protect the ant hill from intruder and protect the queen. Push pebbles to close the hole against intruders, but it's not easy.


Challenging Jig Saw puzzles. Shows you a picture then scrambles it and you must put it back together. Finish one and they get more and more difficult.