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Prerelease:Alien Sky

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Alien Sky.

On KraiSoft's official page for the game, there are 10 screenshots to demonstrate gameplay, but at least half of these are of levels that aren't in the final version of the game.

From the looks of things, these were a set of test levels used during development, presumably ending with Level 35.

While these levels are used in the final game as the bosses of Mission 4 and Mission 5 respectively, they have different level numbers.

Pre-release Final
Alien Sky Prerelease 1.jpg Alien Sky Final Mission1 Level2.png

Level 2 is the same as it appears in Mission 1 of the final game, except with a different background and the addition of background objects. The group of Light Fighters also seem to have been pushed upwards.

These levels are not used at all in the final game.

Notice the incorrect power-up names, thereby suggesting that the graphics/names were swapped a lot during development.

Pre-release Final
Alien Sky Prerelease 10.jpg Alien Sky Final Mission10 Level2.png

Either the Homing Missile used to have the Chain Lightning's graphics, or the Chain Lightning used to be called Homing Missile. Either way, the Chain Lightning is not obtainable in this part of the mission.