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Prerelease:Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures.

General Differences

Each of the builds displayed at events had their own unique title screens.

E3 SCG Final
AVGNE3Title.png AVGNSGCTitle.png AVGN Adventures Title.png

The demo version from SGC had an early level select, and an early name for the level Future Fuckballs 2010.

Early Final
AVGNSGCLevelSelectEarly.png AVGNLevelSelectFinal.png

The Game Over screen was missing the red text and the Nerd was carrying his Zapper. Also worth noting, the demo's easy mode starts you with 9 lives, while the final has 30.

Early Final
AVGNGameOverEarly.png AVGNGameOverFinal.png


The health meter started as generic hearts before being swithced to bottles of Rolling Rock, which were then further changed to be slightly bigger and more detailed.

First Trailer E3 Demo Final
AVGNHealthEarly1.png AVGNHealthEarly2.png AVGNHealthFinal.png

Originally the power-up icon was displayed under the health and an unknown white bar can also be seen in the first image. The first image also shows a background for Future Fuckballs 2010 that was changed for the E3/SGC demo and then removed completely from the final version. The checkpoints were also made visible for the easier difficulties.

Early Early Final
AVGNFutureEarly1.png AVGNCheckpointHUDEarly.png AVGNCheckpointHUDFinal.png

Guitar Guy

According to Kyle himself, FreakZone decided to remove his likeness from in the game, so his character was changed into a skeleton and his lines removed. Also worth noting, the demo didn't display the rescued characters.

Early Final
AVGNGuitarGuyEarly (1).png AVGNGuitarGuyFInal (1).png
AVGNGuitarGuyEarly (2).png AVGNGuitarGuyFInal (2).png
AVGNGuitarGuyEarly (3).png AVGNGuitarGuyFInal (3).png
AVGNGuitarGuyEarly (4).png AVGNGuitarGuyFInal (4).png
AVGNGuitarGuyEarly (5).png AVGNGuitarGuyFInal (5).png

Future Fuckballs 2010

A conveyor belt was made longer in the final, making the section slightly more difficult.

Early Final
AVGNConveyerEarly.png AVGNConveyerFinal.png

The "Future" was changed to "2010".

Early Final
AVGNFutureEarly.png AVGNFutureFinal.png

Blizzard of Balls

The presents thrown at the Nerd while he is riding Santa's corpse down the slope spun around as they flew towards you, in the final they are stationary.

Early Final
AVGNBlizzardEarly.png AVGNBlizzardFinal.png

Happy Fun Candy Time

The Smiley enemy was originally a smiling spikeball. Waterfalls were also added all over the level in the final version.

Early Final
AVGNCandylandEarly.png AVGNCandylandFinal.png