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Prerelease:Bully (PlayStation 2)/Early Screenshots

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First 3 screenshots

These 3 screenshots were available on Bully's site for quite a while before it got a complete revamp in 2006.

Early Final
Bully Prerelease 1.jpg

This one was first shown by IGN but was put on the website along with 2 more later on. A handful of differences can be found:

  • The pathway leading to the gym was narrower.
  • The columns originally looked more rustic and had gargoyle heads at the top.
  • Jimmy looked different:
    • His face is using the oldest texture, resembling his face in the Bully Comics.
    • His idle animation doesn't seem to match with either the final one or the early one seen in other screenshots.
    • His blue sweater vest didn't have the Bullworth logo on it and was likely still being designed at that time.
    • His shirt was slightly different and looked more unbuttoned. His shirt collar was also wider and spread out.
    • He's not wearing the watch that will be present in most other screenshots.
    • He originally wore black school slacks and brown boots.

Early Final
Bully Prerelease 3.jpg

A close-up of Jimmy ready to throw the dodgeball.

  • The ball itself is completely unobtainable in the final game when not playing dodgeball and crashes the game when trying to use it in freeroam. It also looks higher-poly compared to the rubber-band ball Jimmy can get in the final game.
  • Davis, Trent and Troy are wearing a blue sweater vest, as per the original design of the Bully clique.
  • Sheldon is wearing a maroon (the original color for Bullworth Academy) sweater vest.
  • The door leading to the basement didn't have a garage entrance at that time, probably meaning that the garage detail seemed to be created earlier in development.

Early Final
Bully Prerelease 2.jpg

A screenshot showing Jimmy, Gord and Chad fighting inside the Cafeteria.

  • The Cafeteria originally had different flooring and a fireplace.
  • The Preps originally wore lavender-colored vests, rather than blue ones with a diamond pattern.
  • The combat originally had Collide FX, which were almost entirely removed.
  • Jimmy is now using a newer modelː
    • He's now wearing blue jeans.
    • Unlike in all the other screenshots, Jimmy isn't wearing his watch.
(Source: Bully's 2005 website)


Bully Prerelease BoysDormStaircase.jpg

An image showing what the staircase leading to the cut second floor of the Boys' Dorm originally looked like.

  • Parker is seen using his earlier design.
  • Some of the dorm's textures seen in the screenshot are used in the final game, while others aren't even found in the files.
    • There is some illegible text which is blocked off by the staircase railing on the picture next to the "NOT ALLOWED" one.
    • The words under the "NOT ALLOWED" sign say "Tobacco, Firearms, Drugs, & Alcohol".

Bully Prerelease BoysDormBathroomToilet.jpg

An image of the scrapped Boys' Dorm bathroom, on the second floor. Sadly, this is the only surviving image online, and it is overly bright.

  • A closer appearance of Jimmy's face can be seen.
  • Trevor's uniform was lavender-colored instead of green and had the original design of the Bullworth Crest on it.
  • The floor texture for the bathroom is still in the final game but used in the Asylum.

Bully Prerelease BoysDormBathroomMirror.jpg

Another image of the scrapped Boys' Dorm bathroom. A few more differences can be seen in the photo.

  • This mirror reflection is still in the final game, but can't normally be seen as it's out of bounds.
  • The wallpaper and carpet in the hallway were significantly brighter in color.
  • Gord, seen in the background, is wearing his earlier uniform.

Early Final
Bully Prerelease StaffRoom.jpg Bully Final StaffRoom.png

Jimmy inside the Staff Room.

  • There is no way to access this room other than during two missions. It might suggest that many areas were supposed to be explored in freeroam, or this was simply taken during a mission.
  • The Staff Room received some minor changes:
    • The lamp on the desk had a different design. Though, the lamp on the end table looks very similar to the one seen in the final game.
    • The end table next to the desk was removed, and the lamp was moved on top of the desk.
    • A plant next to one of the bookshelves was removed.
    • The hanging lamp was moved and raised a bit. All of them are actually partially out of bounds in the final game, for some reason.
    • The photo frames were slightly changed.

Early Final
Bully Prerelease Dodgeball.jpg

A picture showing a close-up of the scrapped dodgeball Jimmy could throw.

  • There are some seemingly-unnoticeable pieces of polygonal rocks on the ground that were flattened in the final.

Early Final
Bully Prerelease PrefectBeatup.jpg

Jimmy attacking a prefect, with a view of the Academy building.

  • Jimmy is seen doing the "running punch" attack, something that only NPCs are able to do in the final game.
  • The trash cans had bricks on them, suggesting that hiding in them had not been implemented yet.
  • Like the very first screenshot, the pillars had gargoyle faces on them. Also, the shields were 3D, rather than textured on the wall.
  • Constantinos can be seen running in the background, with his earlier design.
  • The main academy building has some noticeable differences:
    • The pillar on the very top of the building looked a lot taller.
    • There is a platform near where the mission "Final Showdown" takes place. This suggests that the very top of this building was loaded at all times in freeroam.
    • The bell was singular and bigger.
    • The shield near the top of the main building was bigger.
    • The staircase had four railings rather than two. Also, the lights on the pillars were rounder.
    • There is an odd pillar on top of the building's right wing.

Early Final
Bully Prerelease SlingshotGrounds.jpg

A close-up of Jimmy using his slingshot in front of the academy.

  • Jimmy's slingshot had a different design.
  • The academy originally had statuettes on the corners of the top building.
  • The lights had designs similar to the ones seen in Old Bullworth Vale.
    • Though, a light that would later be seen in the final game can be spotted on the right side of the image.

Early Final
Bully Prerelease FootballField.jpg

An image of Jimmy fighting jocks in the football field.

  • Jimmy is pushing Dan down onto the ground.
  • Bob can be seen on the left. He was originally supposed to be a wrestling opponent, but was scrapped for unknown reasons and can only be seen in the cutscene for "The Gym Is Burning".
  • The scoreboard wasn't digital.
  • The lights looked a little bit different.

Early Final
Bully Prerelease PrepToiletDunk.jpg Bully Final PrepToiletDunk.png

Another screenshot of Jimmy wearing jeans instead of black slacks, dunking a Prep into the toilet.

  • The scene here is likely taken from the mission "Weed Killer", as having to dunk Tad into the toilet was part of a scrapped mission objective to get the password for Harrington House.

Early Final
Bully Prerelease ChemistryClass.jpg

A slightly earlier version of Chemistry class. Several differences are present.

  • The "XEM-EX" bottle was changed to "CHEM-O". Strangely, there's an unused graphic of an ID Card which says "HEM-O" on it, suggesting it was an earlier name for the chemical plant.
  • The Bunsen burner had a slightly different texture.
  • While the overall layout of the Chemistry classroom looked mostly the same, the door had a different design, suggesting that the Academy looked more antique. Also, the lights had railing bulbs.
  • The glass containing liquid on top of the Bunsen burner was more "rainbow" in color. It was changed to a light green color in the final.

Early Final
Bully Prerelease PedroGrounds.jpg

An image with a close-up of Pedro walking towards the Boys' Dorm.

  • Pedro originally wore a blue sweater vest rather than green and had a slightly different facial design.
  • Donald looks almost exactly the same, but his sweater has a red small version of the early Bullworth logo on it.
  • Angie's uniform was originally blue rather than dark-green.
  • There is an unidentifiable student behind Pedro, who is likely a Jock.
  • Seth is seen carrying a paddle, something that Prefects in the final game don't do. This change was likely why the mission The Paddle was scrapped.
    • If a Prefect is modded with a paddle to use as a weapon, they will simply use it as a line of defense, like any other character. However, it seems like the paddle seen in the screenshot worked differently, as Seth can be seen holding it with his normal walk animation instead of the animation seen in the final game where it's carried over a character's shoulder.

Early Final
Bully Prerelease JocksSoccerBall.jpg

A picture of Luis playing keep-ups near the field.

  • There is a student next to Sheldon, possibly Beatrice, doing an A-pose.

Early Final
Bully Prerelease BullworthFrontGates.jpg

An image showing the front gates of Bullworth Academy.

  • There were stairs that would lead to the academy. In the final game the ground was flattened.
  • The lamps are attached on an Academy shield. They may have originally been in place before the lamps were put in.
  • The insignia under the gargoyle and on the sides of the gates were removed.
  • The streetlight lamps were different and more circular.
  • The bicycle locks weren't present.

Early Final
Bully Prerelease BullworthValeCop.jpg

A screenshot of Old Bullworth Vale, with some noticeable differences.

  • An archway leading to either a pier or a channel can be seen in the background, though it was implied that the lake was originally a seashore, as hills could not be seen or it could probably be due to poor draw distance.
  • The sidewalk had a different texture.
  • The drugstore sign said "Drug-Ease" instead of "Easy Drugs".
  • Gord and Bif had their earlier outfits.
  • A lamp was removed, and the streetlight was re-positioned.
  • Officer Williams can be seen holding a baton, suggesting that policemen were originally armed with those during development. Unlike how paddles can still be obtained in the game, batons were removed entirely.

Early Final
Bully Prerelease MissDanversOffice.jpg

A picture of the school office, with Miss Danvers present.

  • Miss Danvers' face is different.
  • This place was originally its own interior along with Dr. Crabblesnitch's office, which is likely why it has more details.

Left Page Right Page
Bully GameInformer Scan1.jpg Bully GameInformer Scan2.jpg

A GameInformer Magazine article wrote a detailed explanation of their experience in the E3 build of Bully and mentioned a handful of things that got cut in the final release.

  • Apparently, Prefects originally appeared in the Boys' Dorm, just like how some of the female adult characters appear in the Girls' Dorm. They were likely removed from the final game due to the removal of the second floor deeming them unnecessary.
  • The article describes the Weed Killer mission and mentions a "code" Jimmy needed to get into Harrington House, which was an objective that was changed in the final game (voice clips for it can still be found in the files) to Jimmy having to disguise himself as a Prep to gain access.
(Source: Ultimagame - Magazine Scan)

Bully Press Kit

In April 2016, YouTuber SWEGTA found a fourteen-page press kit in the form of a book. It contains information surrounding the key elements of the game, including the classes Jimmy can participate in and some unreleased concept art.

Several unreleased screenshots are present, likely dating as early as 2005, considering how different they are.

Early Final
Bully Prerelease BullworthFrontGates2.png

An image showing the front gates of Bullworth Academy.

  • The Boys' Dorm exterior has the scrapped second floor present in its building model.

Early Final
Bully Prerelease JimmyMsPeabody.png

Jimmy being busted by Ms. Peabody.

  • The walking animation while being busted was removed. In the final game, female authority will simply grab a ped and throw them onto the ground, knocking them out.

Early Final
Bully Prerelease DodgeballClass.png

A screenshot showcasing the intro of Dodgeball Class.

  • The peds lack a dodgeball outfit.
  • The peds are positioned differently.
  • Mr. Burton has a different design, and his shorts have the early Academy crest.
  • The gym building has way more details.

Early Final
Bully Prerelease MovieTickets.png

A screenshot that was taken during the mission "Movie Tickets".

  • The mission is taking place in Bullworth Town. A blip for it located here is still in the final game, but unused.
  • An unknown, Asian-looking ped is between Jimmy and Pinky.

Early Final
Bully Prerelease ComicShop.png

Jimmy inside of the Comic Store.

  • Dragon's Wing was originally called Dragon's Head and the logo had a different art style.
  • The logo above the basement door had a different shape and originally showed what looks like a dragon skull with wings instead of a dragon's head.
  • There are way more details in the store.
  • The door leading to the basement looks like it wasn't enterable at this point, seeing as it doesn't have the interactable door used here and many other places in the final game.

Early Final
Bully Prerelease Lighthouse.png

A screenshot focusing on the lighthouse.

  • There are a lot of environment-related downgrades in this picture, like:
  • The lighthouse model is higher-poly.
  • The mansion on the left was way more detailed.
(Source: SWEGTA - Press Kit Scan)


User by the name of Fika122 on Reddit shared screenshots they had gotten from a Rockstar New England developer.

Early Final
Bully Prerelease JimmyJustinChemistryClass.png

Jimmy fighting Justin in chemistry class.

  • Jimmy cannot enter classrooms in freeroam in the final game without modding.
  • Justin is using his original design.
(Source: Fika122)

Early Final
Bully Prerelease JimmyNurseMcRaeSchool.png

Jimmy getting busted by Nurse McRae.

  • Bob can be seen in the background bullying Sheldon.
  • The bathroom seems to be locked.
(Source: Fika122)

Early Final
Bully Prerelease JimmyLuisWrestlingClass.png

Jimmy fighting Luis in the fifth scrapped lesson of Wrestling Class.

  • The gym building has significantly more details than it does in the final game.
  • The positioning of the cheerleaders and students seems to have been swapped.
(Source: PlayStation JP)

Early Final
Bully Prerelease JimmyGoKart.png

Jimmy riding a Go-Kart near the academy.

  • Eunice appears to have no arms at all.
  • The tree next to the girls' dorm was removed.
  • There's an unknown student next to Trent on the right, she seems to be wearing a blue dress and has brown hair.
(Source: Mike Cala)