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Prerelease:Burning Rangers

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Burning Rangers.

Sega showed off Burning Rangers throughout its development in 1997 and before its release in 1998. Magazine coverage of the game was thorough, especially in Sega Saturn Magazine UK and Sega Saturn Magazine Japan.

Tokyo Game Show (September 1997)

Video from the event shows people playing an in-development version of the game on the show floor.

  • The title screen says "TOKYO GAME SHOW '97 AUTUMN-Version" at the top.
  • The character select screen shows artwork of Shou and Tillis rather than their 3D models.
  • A screen with the Sonic Team logo explains that the voice acting is done by the development staff and will be replaced in the final version.
  • The HUD is different, showing a shield meter and compass. Unlike the final game and available prototypes, there is no crystal count or limit shown.
  • Some sort of item capsule is shown. After the player interacts with it, a card with a crystal icon is revealed.

Another video from the same month shows Shou and Tillis together in Mission 1 in what appears to be some sort of multiplayer mode.

Next Generation Magazine #38 (February 1998)

Despite the cover date, the video of BR that appears on the included disc appears to be from much earlier than that.

  • There is a blue "1" item that does not appear in the final game or any of the available prototypes.
  • The characters are not yet voiced by the actors from the final game.
  • The survivor animations and rescue sequence are noticeably different.

SatMag Sono CD (April 1998)

This disc came bundled with the April 1998 issue of Sega Saturn Magazine Japan. It includes a video that shows a later version of the game.

  • Tillis and Shou appear onscreen together, running down hallways and fighting robots, in what appears to be some sort of multiplayer mode.
  • Shou appears in Mission 3, fighting a differently colored version of the Hat-Bee robot.
  • A demo version of Angels With Burning Hearts plays during the first part of the video.