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Prerelease:Def Jam Vendetta

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Def Jam Vendetta.

Def Jam Vendetta began development in mid 2002. It was released in April 2003.

To do:
There are images of the earliest build on gamekult which show a different HUD and early fighter names. Add these here.

Sting Trailer

This trailer is dated 4th December 2002. It has many interesting differences.

  • Razor's secondary attire is different.
  • Spider had Deebo's Cover Charge Blazin.
  • House had Cruz's Cruz Control Blazin.
  • Iceberg had Spider's Harlem Whirlwind Blazin.
  • Grunt sound effects are different.
  • There is no HUD.

(Source: Tekkenlord05)

Sting Trailer 2

This trailer is from the same time as the first trailer. It has even more interesting differences.

  • Headache uses Briggs's intro animation.
  • There is no HUD.
  • Headache uses Steel's Steel Trap Blazin.

(Source: Tekkenlord05)

Beta Intro Trailer

This trailer is from later in development. It has many noticeable differences.

  • The opening intro is very different.
  • Ludacris's introduction uses his win animation for his introduction as opposed to what the other rappers have.
  • Redman is not called out by D-Mob or introduced like the other rappers.
  • The music for the opening intro is very different.

(Source: Tekkenlord05)

PlayStation 2 Trailer

This is a trailer for the PlayStation 2 version. It looks identical to the final game but has some differences.

  • Funkmaster Flex uses Snowman's Funky Blizzard as his Blazin.
  • Some sound effects are different.

(Source: MicroChirp)

Behind the Scenes

This trailer looks at the behind the scenes of the game. It has one strange difference.

  • Some sound effects are different.

(Source: Tekkenlord05)

NTSC Commercial

This is a commercial for the game. It has some differences when compared to the final game.

  • All the rappers have the same name font as opposed to their own in the final game.
  • Some sound effects are different.

(Source: Tekkenlord05)