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Prerelease:Final Fantasy VI

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Final Fantasy VI.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.
To do:
V-Jump's promotional video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUsUsp1sYUc, it seems almost identical to retail build but there's still a couple few differences. It might still not be worth documenting, though.
  • Add better quality scans, translate the relevant bits of the pages.

Early Character Sprites

Early Terra

Terra prototype sprites for FFVI.jpg

Terra (called Tina in Japan) looked very different early in development. She has blonde hair that isn't in a ponytail, her clothes are purple instead of red, and her boots are brown. The shoulderpads also seem bigger. These sprites are dated 6/25/1993, meaning that Terra's design was changed later in development. Strangely, the blonde hair is kept in Yoshitaka Amano's artworks of Terra, despite the design change.

Interestingly, the default character data the game fills all character slots with when a new game is created results in a character that uses Terra's sprite set with Celes' palette, making her hair appear blonde.

(Sources: FFWiki and Final Fantasy Ultimania Archive Volume 1)

Scrapped 'floating' Sprites

Ff6 earlyspritesheet tina.pngFf6 earlyspritesheet lock.pngFf6 earlyspritesheet celes.png

Spritesheets for Terra, Locke and Celes dated/compiled on January 19th, 1994. All appear to be identical to the sprites we all know and love but Celes' chained sprite is missing and there's an extra sprite for each not found in the final game. Its usage could've been for when the character has the Float status.

(Source: Pixel artist Interview Series no.2 with Kazuko Shibuya)

Mystery Character

Pre-release screenshot found in V-Jump's January 1994 issue.

Ff6mysterychar upscaled.png

There is Edgar attacking with a dagger that does not resemble to any he's able to equip in the final, and the other party members on their Attack standby pose with a character that resembles Locke... Except he's right there.

Mystery Character wears what appears to be a bandanna, the other character depicted with a bandanna in official artwork is Celes. This character could be:

  • An early Celes sprite using either palette ID #4 (Cyan, Shadow, Setzer) or ID 1 (Locke); her head accessory (and design overall) was tweaked for the final. Celes' design was pretty much finalized by January 1994 however. Or her sprites had yet to be updated in V-Jump's build... To add, Celes wasn't featured in all of V-Jump's footage until the game's release.
  • Setzer is another possibility; while it does not make sense him being present in the party this early (nor whatever is going on in this screenshot whatsoever), there's a gag in SNES Final Fantasy VI where Setzer comes equipped with a bandanna at the time you first recruit him and it cannot be reequipped, there's a staff interview and explanation for this. Said bandanna was visible in design at one point perhaps?

V-Jump's Coverage

January 1994 issue

Scans are from the V-Jump January 1994 issue, 4 months before original release. Although the build V-Jump presented seems to be even earlier than that.

Misc. data: The comic strips and character art were drawn by Shueisha illustrator Rinko Yano, with the chibi designs being still credited to Tetsuya Nomura.

Ff6 vjumpjan1994 02.jpg
Pre-release Final (JP)
Ff6prerelease narshe1.png Final Fantasy VI (Japan)004.png
  • Narshean guards are using the Returner member sprite.
  • There's steam between the guards coming out of the grating apparently.
  • The inn was originally both a pub and an inn in pre-release.
Pre-release Final
Ff6prerelease campsite.png Ff3test004.png

Imperial Camp was completely overhauled. Returner(Narshean Guard?) and elderly man are absent in the final, Cyan is seen checking out some Magitek armor.

Pre-release Final
Ff6prerelease narshe2.png FF6 (Japan)002.png
  • Narshean Guard/Returner sprite and dog on sight, from the look of it you would trigger a battle as you got closer to the NPC as opposed to being ambushed from the right while passing through the main road.
  • Steam on small house on the right is absent in the final.
Pre-release Final
Ff6prelease mines1.jpg FF6 (Japan)006.png

The left side was revamped to be less cluttered and a save point was added. In the final you're able to walk one tile wide on the straight narrow path while riding Magitek, perhaps this change was done so it visually looks you're walking over the road tiles and not to the side(s) of it. There were also two hanging lanterns while the final had the right one removed.

The other two screenshots are depicted with the generic monster formation seen in most pre-release images; likely the formation spawn of choice for debug testing alongside Wyvern and Vulture x2; more of that later.

Ff6 vjumpjan1994 03.jpg
  • A town that resembles either Mobliz or Thamasa, but neither has a gated duplex house with an Inn in the final game. There's also a fence door graphic that was eventually scrapped. Early woman NPC sprite (she sure looks pissed).
  • Wyvern and Vulture x2 is not a possible formation.
  • Mt. Koltz with absent fog.
  • Terra hanging out at the (scrapped) Narshean pub? camera angle is not centered to her sprite.

Ff6 vjumpjan1994 04.jpg Ff6 vjumpjan1994 05.jpg

In these pages, Terra, Locke and Mog are introduced with their bios. Oddly enough Mog is given some importance in this material, suggesting he had more presence in the game's story or he tagged along with the party for longer.

All three have a speech line on their in-game character introduction, before you're prompted to input a name. In the final a dialogue is given from a narrator's view, describing the character's background. Although these screenshots could easily be mockups.

Transcript Translation
"If these magic powers that dwell inside me can be useful..."
  • This line is not present in the Japanese Final Fantasy VI script. You'd see this line featured in promotional material however.
  • Her character introduction does not have her mounting Magitek in the final.
Transcript Translation
ロック「どろぼう? 俺を呼ぶならトレジャーハンターと
"Thief? If you're going to call me anything, call me a Treasure Hunter."
  • In the Japanese script he spells out the word "thief" in spacings emphasizing he's annoyed by such a remark, he's also more serious in this. This otherwise similar line is after Locke's name prompt in the final.
  • He's waving his finger in contrast to having a shocked expression (after being called a thief).

Mog just says "Kupo!!". Very insightful.

Ff6 vjumpjan1994 06.jpg Ff6 vjumpjan1994 07.jpg

These comic strips tell an alternate version where Locke riding a Chocobo arrives the scene a-la-Bartz alongside Mog and find an unconscious Terra. Clearer screenshots of Terra and her companions arriving Narshe.

  • Maduin as the frozen Esper.

Ff6 vjumpjan1994 08.jpg Ff6 vjumpjan1994 09.jpg

Hostile soldiers won't let our heroes chill at the pub in peace. Battle scenery and spells are being showcased.

  • Holy looks very different; the pillar effects are more reminiscent of Final Fantasy V's Holy spell.
  • Interesting, here they are using a modified asset from the previous title; the battle background at the Library of the Ancients in Final Fantasy V.

Ff6 vjumpjan1994 10.jpg

Locke and Mog's quirks are being demonstrated.

  • Character unique abilities are formally given a term:
    "Orikoma". There isn't an official name for exclusive abilities in Final Fantasy VI.
  • Another reused battle background from Final Fantasy V, albeit mirrored.

Ff6 vjumpjan1994 12.jpg

The trio is at the imperial camp, for whatever reason. Explanation about battle raid formations.

Unknown Issue

There are more pages although in poor quality. Definitely a lot of stuff going on here.

Ff6 vjumpunknown 01.jpg

Figaro Twins are properly introduced.

  • The party battling a Lobo and a Mammoth at a strange area.
  • Against Hell's Rider in the grasslands and inside a cave.
  • Vs. a Hill Gigas at forest scene and Mt. Koltz. Might be related to the dummied Giant enemy.

Ff6 vjumpunknown 02.jpg

A Chocobo stable in Narshe! That explains the Locke with a Chocobo drawings. Mog and Locke on their way to Figaro Castle...?

  • The Engine Room was accessible in the World of Balance?

Ff6 vjumpunknown 03.jpg

Now this is where the 'who was the frozen Esper originally' enigma takes a turn of events: Again there's frozen Maduin being shown, however during the battle sequence the confronted Esper IS Valigarmanda. Whereas this discrepancy is not fully explained, this could only possibly mean one thing: Maduin was merely a placeholder.

Promotional VHS Tape

To do:
Compare the Japanese script during the Burning House sequence.
Promo video Final (JP)
Ff6prerelease-relmintro.png Ff6-relmintro.png
Promo video Translation JP Script Translation
A young girl carrying a sketchbook
Her light-colored, pristine eyes
and the deep red ribbon that adorns her hair
All that is part of her charm.
Her paintbrush expresses
all things on canvas...
woods, water, light,
and even human hearts.


Pre-Release Shots

Obtained from... Warmech's Domain, apparently.

Pre-release JP Final
Ffvi pre battle.jpg Ffvi pre battlefinal.png
  • The battle formation (Fidor, Gilomantis, Wererat x2) doesn't exist in the final.
  • Party members cannot physically attack while in MagiTek Armor, not even when under Berserk status. They can only use MagiTek attacks.
  • Terra is named here, and not "??????" like in the final.
  • An interesting change; the Empire mooks that accompany you are named "Banon" and "Leo" instead of "Biggs" and "Wedge".
Pre-release JP Final
Ffvi pre esper.jpg Ffvi pre esperfinal.png

Terra encounters Maduin in Tritoch's place alone in the Narshe mines. In context this almost makes sense. The cavern doesn't seem any different otherwise.

Pre-release JP Final
Ffvi pre figaro.jpg Ffvi pre figarofinal.png

Not much different. The Guards look different, more poorly drawn.

EGM Previews

Ff6pre egm preview01.png

The formation is the same formation seen in another early screenshot, although Ice 2 is being casted on the Gilomantis. Locke and Mog also can't be alone in random encounters.

Ff6pre egm preview02.png

The steam is clearly glitched in this scene.

Ff6pre egm preview03.png

This scene lacks the foggy overlay.

Ff6pre egm preview04.png

You cannot fight a wyvern and two vultures on the Blackjack; all battles on the airship are scripted.