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Prerelease:Final Fantasy VI

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This page details one or more prerelease versions of Final Fantasy VI.
To do:
there's one more EGM preview IIRC.

Prerelease Shots

Obtained from... Warmech's Domain, apparently.

Prerelease JP Final
Ffvi pre battle.jpg Ffvi pre battlefinal.png
  • The battle formation(Fidor, Gilomantis, Wererat x2) doesn't exist in the final.
  • Party members cannot physically attack while in MagiTek Armor, not even when under Berserk status. They can only use MagiTek attacks.
  • Terra is named here, and not "??????" like in the final.
  • An interesting change; the Empire mooks that accompany you are named "Banon" and "Leo" instead of "Biggs" and "Wedge".
Prerelease JP Final
Ffvi pre esper.jpg Ffvi pre esperfinal.png

Terra encounters Maduin in Tritoch's place alone in the Narshe mines. In context this almost makes sense. The cavern doesn't seem any different otherwise.

Prerelease JP Final
Ffvi pre figaro.jpg Ffvi pre figarofinal.png

Not much different. The Guards look different, more poorly drawn.

EGM Preview

Ff6pre egm preview02.png

The steam is clearly glitched in this scene.

Ff6pre egm preview03.png

This scene lacks the foggy overlay.

Ff6pre egm preview04.png

You cannot fight a wyvern and two vultures on the Blackjack; all battles on the airship are scripted.