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Prerelease:Game Boy Advance BIOS

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Game Boy Advance BIOS.

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Nintendo's 32-bit Color Portable "Project Atlantis" to Be Ready in Fall

EGM has learned that the British company—Advanced RISC Machines (ARM) has been contracted to create a power saving chip for Nintendo's top-secret "Project Atlantis" color portable game system. This chip would allow batteries to last for up to 30 hours... an unheard of feat considering the Nomad eats six AAs in just 2 1/2 hours.

The chip to be used is the ARM710. An ARM spokesperson told EGM: "No comment, but if you look at the requirements... high volume... portable... decent performance, then we'd be a natural fit."

The system will have a 3-by-2-inch color LCD screen, at least four buttons, a link port and a port for an external controller. Nintendo of Japan is reportedly working on Mario's Castle—the first game for this system.

(Source: Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 83)

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In 1996, magazines including Electronic Gaming Monthly,[1] issues 53 and 54 of Total! and the July 1996 issue of Game Informer featured reports of a new Game Boy, codenamed Project Atlantis. Although the expected release date of "early 1997" would make that machine seem to be the Game Boy Color, it was described as having a 32-bit RISC processor, a 3-by-2-inch color LCD screen, and a link port[1]—a description that more closely matches the Game Boy Advance. It also may have referred to the unnamed, unreleased Game Boy Color successor prototype that was revealed at 2009's Game Developers Conference.[2] It was announced that Nintendo of Japan was working on a game for the system called "Mario's Castle".[1]

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