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Prerelease:Jarrett & Labonte Stock Car Racing

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Jarrett & Labonte Stock Car Racing.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.


IGN Footage

  • Gameplay footage from February 24, 2000.
  • It was placed on IGN page "WTC, World Racing Championship" which is an earlier name for the game.

Original IGN three separate videos

Codemasters Demo Disc Footage

  • This demo disc featured prerelease trailer, which was made in February. Later it was included in Official UK PlayStation Magazine Demo Disc 58.
  • It uses a different title without TOCA branding, as could be seen in some Codemasters DPK screenshots and Euro Demo builds.
  • The trailer was reused as a demo video in the final game, but with the final game logo and "DEMO" string in bottom.


Codemasters Electronic Artwork Disc ECTS 1999

  • A few screenshots (dated August 19, 1999) from earliest available press kit with game.

Codemasters Digital Press Kit/Codemasters Product Artwork Q 1 And 2

  • A lot of screenshots (all of them are dated between January 14-17, 2000) presented in both discs from Codemasters, which were released in February 2000 (DPK from February 9 and Product Artwork from February 24). Some shots also were reused for E3 press kit.
  • Also in the same folder is pictures_readme!.txt, which lists the locations depicted in each image:
WTC World Touring Cars - PSX

Location of shots.

1. Surfers Paradise
2. Surfers Paradise
3. Mexico
4. Mexico
5. Mexico
6. Mexico
7. Mexico
8. Laguna Seca
9. Laguna Seca
10. Laguna Seca
11. Surfers Paradise
12. Mexico
13. Laguna Seca
14. Suzuka
15. Surfers Paradise
16. Surfers Paradise
17. Nurburgring
18. Laguna Seca
19. Laguna Seca
20. Laguna Seca
21. Mexico
22. Suzuka
23. Mexico
24. Laguna Seca
25. Laguna Seca
26. Mexico
27. Adelaide
28. Adelaide
29. Adelaide
30. Suzuka
31. Suzuka
32. Mexico

Codemasters Electronic Press Kit: E3 2000

  • Includes a bunch of early screenshots from 14 April, 2000.
  • Also press kit has an early design of the game's US box art, using an early logo (which would later be used for the Japanese version) and early name: "WTC World Racing Championship".