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Prerelease:Light Crusader

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Light Crusader.

Relayer Era

An early name for the game.

SEGA Magazine (UK) April 1994

SegaMagazineUK 1994April Issue04 p74 Light Crusader Preview.jpgSegaMagazineUK 1994April Issue04 p75 Light Crusader Preview.jpg

Issue #4 features a preview of Relayer on Pages 74-75. Aside from the name, the screenshots feature a different HUD.

(Source: Sega Retro (1, 2))

TodoSega (ES) June 1994

TodoSega ES Issue15 page26 Relayer Light Crusader.jpg

From Issue #15. Notably includes a shot of the title screen, which was not in the earlier preview.

Prerelease Final
Light Crusader early Relayer title.jpg Light Crusader-title.png
  • The logo is a completely different design that's more clearly inspired by Roger Dean's work on the band Yes' albums.
  • The copyright info is absent.
(Source: Black Squirrel (Sonic Retro), VGDensetsu, MegaDriveShock, RetroCDN)