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Prerelease:Ms. Pac-Man (Genesis)

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Ms. Pac-Man (Genesis).

Title Screen

Pre-release Final SNES (Prototype) Unreleased Genesis Prototype Recreation
MsPacManGenTitleOld.jpg Mspacmangen title.png Mspac-proto-title.png MsPacManProtoTitleGen.png MsPacManProtoRecreation.png

Shown on page 103 of the March 1991 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly is this leggy, toothy, soul-devouring Ms. Pac-Man, which was thankfully redrawn before release. Interestingly, this old design managed to make its way into a prototype of the SNES port, due to it being based on an unreleased prototype of the Genesis version, before it too was ultimately updated to match the final Genesis version. Aside from the miss herself, the rest of the title screen appears to be identical to final, except for the trademark symbol, which is being placed in the far right of the screen, instead of inside the "N".

(Source: Electronic Gaming Monthly #20)