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Prerelease:Pajama Sam in "No Need to Hide When It's Dark Outside"

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Pajama Sam in "No Need to Hide When It's Dark Outside".

The following storyboards, model sheets, and concept art were uploaded by former Humongous alumni Tom Verre.


Snare Room

Graphic Notes
Pajama-Sam-1-Snare storyboards.png Storyboards for Sam being snared by Customs Trees

Mine Animatic Backgrounds

Graphic Notes
Pajama-Sam-1-Mine Storyboard Bkgds.png Preliminary background designs for storyboard animatics of mine rooms.

Model Sheets


Graphic Notes
Pajama-Sam-1-Otto.png Model Sheet for Otto, the boat with Peter Lorre's voice.


Graphic Notes
Pajama-Sam-1-king.png Model Sheet for King the Minecart (who needs to make an appearance in Minecraft.)

Music Room Characters

Graphic Notes
Pajama-Sam-1-music-room.png Model Sheet for Music Room characters

Customs Trees

Graphic Notes
PJSam-characters-Algernon.png Model Sheet for the Always Aggravating Algernon, Customs Tree
PJSam-characters-Sebastian.png Model Sheet for Sebastian the snobby Customs Tree
Pajama-Sam-1-Customs-Trees.png Custom Trees Model Sheet depicting various obnoxious behaviors. Inspired, in part, by creepy apple trees in The Wizard of Oz.

Concept Art

Mine Unreachable Switch

Graphic Notes
Pajama-Sam-1-Unreachable-Switch.png Initial background concept for unreachable switch in mine.

Doors of Knowledge

Graphic Notes
Pajama-Sam-1-Door O knowledge.png Door o' Knowledge Concept Art.

River Background

Graphic Notes
Pajama-Sam-1-River.png Concept Art for River Background

Treehouse of Darkness

Graphic Notes
Pajama-Sam-1-Gate.png Treehouse o' Darkness Concept Art, back when Sam was "Pumpkin Head Boy"
Pajama-Sam-1-Basillica.png Treehouse o' Darkness Concept Art, back when Sam was "Pumpkin Head Boy"
Pajama-Sam-1-Treehouse1.png Treehouse o' Darkness Concept Art.
Pajama-Sam-1-Treehouse2.png Treehouse o' Darkness Concept Art.
Pajama-Sam-1-Treehouse3.png Treehouse o' Darkness Concept Art.
Pajama-Sam-1-junction.png Treehouse o' Darkness Concept Art.