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Prerelease:Star Control II (DOS)

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Star Control II (DOS).


Created by Marc Brown (alias Maruku Buranu) as a piece in a contest to submit MOD files for Star Control II.

Although this song was once implemented in development builds as the battle music, the developers eventually found the song highly distracting due to its overwhelming instrumentation. A much less overpowering theme was commissioned to Dan Nicholson and that song was used for the game instead.

The song can be downloaded in its original MOD form here.

(Source: The Oldskool PC/@MobyGamer)

Early Artwork

Star Control 2-Devices.GIF
Early artworks for items, some of which wouldn't make the final cut.

Star Control 2-Goldbeet 98.GIF
Star Control 2-Ideas1 98.GIF

WIP artwork.

Star Control 2-Newships 98.GIF
Star Control 2-ShipIdeas2.GIF
Star Control 2-ShipIdeas3.GIF

Concepts for various ships.

Star Control 2-Groombridge Authors.png
The main creators, Paul Reiche III and Fred Ford, were supposed to appear in Groombridge as an Easter egg.

Early Screenshot

Star Control 2-test version.GIF

A screenshot from an early version of Star Control II, featuring a different user interface.