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Prerelease:Super Mario All-Stars

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Super Mario All-Stars.

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File Select


The "file select" screen in this magazine shot looks drastically different from the final version. Also, judging by the way the menu is set up, it seems that the game originally had four global save files that held your progress in all four games, rather than each game having four unique save files. Interestingly, the graphics used heavily resemble those found in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.

Super Mario Bros./The Lost Levels


Several pieces of footage and magazine shots show Mario wearing a red shirt and blue overalls (as it is with his established modern design) instead of a blue shirt and red overalls (which is how he was colored in official art around the time of the release of Super Mario Bros. and also how he looks in the final version of All-Stars). Considering that all the available prerelease footage show the game in a near-final state, it's safe to assume the clothing colors were a last-minute change.


The color difference also applies for the pictures on the Game Over screen.


This footage of World 1-3 shows the rocks in the background being dark brown. The final version is much brighter and blends in less with the foreground.


The images featured in Nintendo Power show some small differences to what you see in the final game. In this image, you can see that the underground background looks different at the bottom.


Here, the background in this level looks mostly the way it does in the game, except many of the rocks are reddish-colored and the background also seems to have ground on the bottommost portion of the screen.

SMAS morescans3.png

This map of World 8-3 from The Lost Levels has mushrooms in the background. In the final game, this level has clouds and a bright sky for a background.


This map shows Peach's chamber being almost identical to its NES counterpart, missing the big cage from the final design.

SMAS morescans4.png

Mario's mugshot looks slightly different.


In this "Nintendo 1993 Holiday Demonstration Program Training" tape, for a brief second you can see the Fire Flower with a different design.

Super Mario Bros. 2


In this commercial, for a very brief moment you can see the waterfalls looking more similar to how they were in the NES version, being made of repeating 8×8 tiles. In the final version, the waterfalls are composed of more tiles.

Super Mario Bros. 3


The remastered version of Super Mario Bros. 3 was also shown in the Nintendo Power magazine, and in this shot the title screen is missing its background, the logo's shadows are positioned like they were in the NES version, the colors are slightly different, the trademark is further to the right and the bush on the left is casting shadows. The graphics for the bush shadows still remain in the game's data.

SMAS morescans1.png

The Hammer Bro in the world map has a brown sheel and a brown helmet. In the final game, they're black.

SMAS morescans2.png

This alternative design for the bushes in World 1-1 have more detail to them than the striped pattern.


Back in the "Nintendo 1993 Holiday Demonstration Program Training" tape, you can see the regular mushroom being white with red spots. In the final game, you can only see the mushroom with this color scheme in the inventory.



In this commercial, the fortress background's columns are positioned higher up, sitting on top of the floor, which are unused in the final game. In another instance of this video, you can see that the windows in the Koopalings' boss room were lighter in color.

The same is seen in one of the back cover pictures:


Also notice the miscolored mushroom card in the bottom right corner again.

Internal Material

Fire Flower

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Spotted in the graphics file ice-obj.CGX located within internal material for Yoshi's Island is the early Fire Flower design conceived for All-Stars.

YI ice-obj FireFlower.png

Alternative Titles

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Content related to Super Mario All-Stars were discovered in the 7/25/2020 leak, including two .asm files that mention "Super Mario CD" and "Super Mario Zanmai", suggesting that those were early titles for the game. They can be found in "mn_hp_smend1.asm" and "mn_mario_main.asm", respectively. The name "Super Mario CD" seems to imply the game might have been initially conceived as a game for Nintendo and Sony's planned CD add-on for the Super Nintendo before, you know, that happened. That name may have also been scrapped to avoid any similarities with Sonic CD, which released the same year as Super Mario All-Stars.

mn_hp_smend1.asm mn_mario_main.asm
SMASleak supermariocd.png SMASleak mariozanmai.png

Title Screen

Early designs for the game's title screen were also discovered in the aforementioned leak, featuring both the Japanese ("Super Mario Collection") and international names ("Super Mario All-Stars"):


File Select

The graphics for the early file select screen were found, along with its palettes and a map:


SMASChoosegame full.png