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Prerelease:The Rise of Captain Longbeard

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for The Rise of Captain Longbeard.

Early Captain's Cabin


Found on the Official Team's Dev Blog (Source) is a screenshot of an early version of the Captain's Cabin. This screenshot was taken at least two months prior to the final release of the game, as the blog post it's contained in was published on August 19, 2016. This version contains vastly different lighting and has many more props on the table compared to the final release, including gold coins, bottles of rum, books, and an early map. This screenshot was taken from the Unity engine's editor window, as the camera controls and BoxCollider boundaries are visible.

In the final, the Captain's Cabin has been mostly cleared out, and several important objects missing from the early version are now on the table, such as the Medallion, the World Map, the knife used to mark targets on the World Map, and the jewel showing how many Golden Heart Pieces you have obtained. This change was likely made to direct attention towards the important props, as the early scene is rather busy.

Early Trailer

This trailer released on October 13, 2016, just 6 days before the game's launch, shows several differences:

  • The player shoots a crate off a switch to open the gate leading to the cannon shack around the 9 second mark. In the final, the crate and switch aren't present; instead, you open this gate by lighting two torches near the gate.
  • At the 13 second mark, there is an ornate treasure chest inside the cannon shack containing the Torch. In the final, the player obtains the Torch after the first combat sequence and requires it to enter the shack.