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Prerelease talk:Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis)/1990 Tokyo Toy Show

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title screen resolution

i have a strong suspicion that the title screen of the TTS '90 demo was using the Genesis/MD's low resolution mode of 256x224 pixels, for two reasons:

  • we have four copies of the title screen, and they are all in the wrong aspect ratio. 256x224 is not even close to 4:3 aspect ratio, whereas 320x224 (the resolution of the final title screen/game) is quite close (and actually, the way the Genesis displays it with extra lines on the top/bottom, it is EXACTLY 4:3 aspect ratio). why would four copies of the title screen all come out looking wrong, if they were in 320x224? a possible explanation is they are in 256x224, displayed with SQUARE pixels. this would explain the strange, squashed look of all four copies.
  • we have determined that the title screen was almost completely redrawn after the TTS '90 build. but when it was redrawn, it came out looking almost exactly the same. the differences are only noticeable with very close examination. why bother to tweak so many minor details of a perfectly good title screen, unless out of necessity... like a different video mode?

is there ANY way of verifying this? Digital Foundry can count pixels in game capture footage, but can we do that with crappy old magazine scans? Zoinknoise (talk) 21:33, 9 July 2021 (UTC)


in particular, I have a question about this quote: "Second, this image gives credence to the possibility that the demo was automated, and not player-controlled. (see above) It seems to depict the exact same run, by the same player, as the previous screenshot. (The cloud––of all things––confirms this.) Since these two screenshots were published in different magazines (and presumably captured by different journalists), it casts doubt on the likelihood that the TTS '90 build was actually playable. "

Are we sure that they were captured by the journalists and not sent the same batch of screencaps from Sega instead? They absolutely sent screens for Sonic 2 coverage IIRC, how do we know that wasn't the case this time? Are they just too similar-but-different for that? --SystemsReady 2021/08/10

well, i wrote that because every magazine that printed screenshots of Sonic TTS '90 printed different screenshots. i may be mistaken but i don't think there is any overlap: no magazine actually printed the same exact screenshot as any other. (ironically, this is what helps prove the autodemo theory.) most of the time it's the opposite of course; all the magazine print the same half-dozen shots. so that's why i wrote that, because there's no indication that Sega was sending out some sort of press kit for Sonic at TTS '90. also notice how the quality of the screenshots is ALL over the place, like the blurry screenshot that EGM printed. Sega wouldn't have officially sent out such a crappy screenshot. (on the upside, it helps prove that there were moving clouds!) Zoinknoise (talk) 00:18, 17 December 2021 (UTC)

Footage i attempted to restore.

Can someone decide if this should be added?