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Proto:A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Speedrunning Event Build

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This is a sub-page of Proto:A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X).

The Speedrunning Event Builds were part of an event that took place a couple weeks before the game's release on October 5 2017. People who had access to the Beta builds, as well as popular streamers and let's players were given these builds to participate in the event. Four known Speedrun builds were released, but only two contained data for the actual event. The first and last of the builds were simply tiny executable files that either told the player to prepare for the event or to wait for the game's final release. Despite being so close to the final game, there are still numerous differences to be found in them.

Pre-Speedrun Build - Compiled on September 13 2017 at 3:39 AM.
Speedrun Event Build - Compiled on September 15 2017 at 11:09 PM.
Speedrun Performance Build - Compiled on September 24 2017 at 11:44 PM.
Post-Speedrun Build - Compiled on September 30 2017 at 10:10 PM.

Differences to the Final Game

Texture Differences

Speedrun Builds (August 3 2017) Final (September 30 2017)
AHatIntime TimeRift Water(SpeedrunBuilds).png AHatIntime TimeRift Water(Final).png

The title card for Blue Rifts had a strange brown smudge on the right side of the image in both the Speedrun Event build and the Speedrun Performance build. This odd mistake was corrected for the final game, along with several background details being adjusted slightly.

Pre-Final (May 1 2013) Final (October 4 2017)
AHatIntime hatkid facial closed lashes(SpeedrunBuilds).png AHatIntime hatkid facial closed lashes(Final).png

In the Speedrun builds, Hat Kid still used the same closed eye texture as in the Beta builds. This texture was updated the day before the final game released, however, it still managed to sneak into the very first release of the final game, as that release happened to have been compiled the day before release as well, before the texture was swapped out.

Model Differences

Rock Platform

Speedrun Builds (January 15 2017) Final (September 26 2017)
AHatIntime science train rock(SpeedrunModel).png AHatIntime science train rock(FinalModel).png

Doesn't appear to be any major differences. Normals were adjusted. Has less vertices than the final: 2329 vs 2373.

Clock Tower

Speedrun Event Build (July 30 2017) Speedrun Performance Build/Final (September 18 2017)
AHatIntime clocktower(SpeedrunEventModel).png AHatIntime clocktower(FinalModel).png

Differences are currently unknown.

Blue Rift Spike Box Platform

Speedrun Performance Build (September 23 2017) Final (September 28 2017)
AHatIntime secret spike box(SpeedrunPerformanceModel).png AHatIntime secret spike box(FinalModel).png

Doesn't appear to be any major differences. Normals were adjusted. Has less vertices than the final: 1690 vs 1709.

Coding Differences

To do:
Document stuff.

AHatIntime SpeedrunEventBuild AlpineMusicEnums.png

Within the 'Hat_MountainInfo_Base' class file specifically only in the first Speedrun Event build, there exists additional enums for changing the music of Alpine Skyline that don't exist in any future build. The names of the enums give light to concepts and areas for the level that were never mentioned anywhere else. There are even some level themes/names from Sand 'n Sails!

  • "Garden", an unknown area that was never seen or heard of for Sand 'n Sails and Alpine Skyline.
  • "Greenhouse", another unknown area, which could've been related to "Garden". Might've been intended for Sand 'n Sails, given that greenhouses are generally warm, much like deserts.
  • "PumpkinFactory", which would've been for Pumping Pumpkin Factory in Sand 'n Sails.
  • "Parlor", an unknown area.
  • "Aquarium", presumably a cut water level, though it's unknown which level it was intended for.
  • "SandFalls", almost definitely intended for Sand 'n Sails, or even Sand 'n Alps.
  • "BubblegumTown", this is part of the name for the official music track for the Sand 'n Sails village music, Cozy Bubblegum Town.
  • "FungiTower", another completely scrapped level, presumably based around mushrooms.
  • "NuggetPeak", might've been a treasure-based level if 'nugget' is referring to nuggets of gold. A 'peak' would also hint that it was likely an area intended for Alpine Skyline. It's also possible that 'nugget' could refer to chicken nuggets, which could make it possible for this to be a Sand 'n Sails area, as it had a subtle food theme going on with its location names.

Localization Differences

Only a fraction of the game's actual localization is present in the data for the Speedrun builds, usually text that is needed for the levels present in the builds. There's some unused text that is otherwise used in the full game, but only text that is actually different from the final game will be listed here. As a side-note, the localization data between the two Speedrun builds is identical, so all text changes listed here apply to both builds.


InputSettings_Icon_KeyBinds = Key Binds


InputSettings_Icon_KeyBinds = Input Assist

Key binds were removed from the final game and were replaced with an 'input assist' option that attempts to correct player inputs that were a few frames too early or late.

Item_SkipCinematics_Title = Skip Cinematics
Item_SkipCinematics_Desc = If you're in a hurry, or have already seen them, you can skip all in-game cinematics by enabling this. Keep in mind that you can still skip cinematics at any time regardless of this setting.


Item_SkipCinematics_Title = Skip Skippable Cutscenes
Item_SkipCinematics_Desc = If you're in a hurry, or have already seen them, you can skip all skippable in-game cutscenes by enabling this. Keep in mind that you can still skip cinematics at any time regardless of this setting.

The option to automatically skip all skippable cutscenes in the game was clarified to inform the player that it can't skip all cinematics in the game.


doublejump0 = Did fellow Mafia watch TV last night? Confusing express owl say small people can [hint]jump double in air[/hint].


doublejump0 = Did fellow Mafia watch TV last night? Confusing science owl say small people can [hint]jump double in air[/hint].

Interestingly, in all builds of the game aside from the Speedrun Event builds, the Mafia directly reference Science Owls, here. Even in the initial PS4 and XBox One builds, which were compiled in-between both Speedrun builds. In these builds, however, they explicitly reference Express Owls. Seems that, when Science Owls were scrapped, they tried fixing this line to make more sense in-universe, but ultimately decided that referencing Science Owls was better.

Differences Between Builds

Texture Differences

Prototype - Speedrun (April 19 2013) Speedrun Performance (September 21 2017)
AHatIntime mugshot hatkid(SpeedrunBuilds).png AHatIntime mugshot hatkid(Final).png

The mugshot icon for Hat Kid is the same one from all other prerelease builds of the game in the Speedrun Event build, but was updated to its final design in the Speedrun Performance build. The icon even managed to sneak into the initial releases of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game.

Model Differences

Blue Rift Spike Box Platform

Speedrun Event Build (August 12 2015) Speedrun Performance Build (September 23 2017)
AHatIntime secret spike box(SpeedrunModel).png AHatIntime secret spike box(SpeedrunPerformanceModel).png

Differences are currently unknown.

Unused Graphics

Between the two Speedrun builds, the initial versions of the console builds for Xbox and PS4 were compiled, which required moving most of the HUD icons to a startup package for the game so that they are always loaded. As a result, almost all of the item icons in the final game are loaded in the Speedrun Performance build, but aren't used. The icons are all identical to their appearance in the final game.

Placeholder Yarn Texture

AHatIntime yarnball placeholder.png
A placeholder UI yarnball texture for Yarn. This graphic is only found in the Speedrun Event build. Dated March 15 2017. Can be seen in a deleted video uploaded by Gears For Breakfast of the game running on Xbox One when Hat Kid stitches a new hat.

Unused Music

Default Level Intro Music

The unused default level intro theme from the Beta builds is still unused in the Speedrun Event builds, as well as the final game.

Unused Level

Wet Mushroom Heaven

A level by William "Habboi" T. Nicholls that is hidden within the files of the Speedrun Event Build only. This level was removed in the Speedrun Performance Build. To play this level in the build, open up the developer console, and type "open wet_mushroom_heaven". It is a rainy level, with the main gimmick being difficult jumps across bouncy mushrooms. This level also features a voice-over at the beginning, provided by the game's 2D Art Director, Jenna Brown. The level was later re-released by Habboi as a mod for the final game.