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Proto:Alarm for Cobra 11: Nitro

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Alarm for Cobra 11: Nitro.

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Some where around October 2006 a demo for Alarm für Cobra 11: Nitro/Alarm for Cobra 11: Nitro was released. There is only four cars and two tracks in the autobahn. There is only one track in the game playing which is the main theme, which plays repeatedly.


Game's Translation Accurate Translation
Some questions, please! For Interrogation, Please!
Staff Car Stolen Stolen Company Car

Some Questions, Please!/For Interrogation, Please!

The original version of "New Staff Car/A New Official Car", The mission is where you send a car thief you detained to the station. It has no differences to the final release.

Staff Car Stolen/Stolen Company Car

The original version of "Those Punks/The Yobs", This mission is where the detained car thief have escaped and stole Semir's car, the goal is where you have to detain the thief again but by force in the final version it's just a race.


When you complete the both missions, the text said this.

Game's translation:

Congratulations! You successfully completed both missions. Apparently you are qualified for a job with the autobahn patrol.