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Proto:Bonkers (Genesis)/August 4, 1994 Prototype

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Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

The August 4th build pretty much concludes all the early material. The only level that still differs greatly from the final is Hollywood Freeway. Level cinematics have been implemented and while the text differs a bit, it's nothing major.

(Prototype source: Hidden Palace)

General Differences

August 4th Proto Final
Bonkers_(Prototype_-_Oct_04,_1994)_(hidden-palace.org)000.png Bonkers Genesis level select sound test.png

The level select/title screen has been updated to the background used for the final, though there are differences which are worth noting. Choosing Whole Game starts the game off as if one were to play the final game from start to finish. Of course, starting with...

Bonkers (Prototype - Oct 04, 1994) (hidden-palace.org)000ff.png

Another Sega screen, this time with Bonkers bringing in the S. The final has random animations each time you reset, this one not included.

August 4th Proto Final
Bonkers (Prototype - Oct 04, 1994) (hidden-palace.org)000title.png Bonkers (JUE) !00sadt0.png

This is different from the level select screen background above, showing they for some reason had two backgrounds in this build (same goes for the final though). Of the menu, Bonkers had a duller palette, his shadow wasn't crafted for dithering, there's no copyright, and an option to turn off music is available. Of the background, the sky had an extra purple gradient, the hill to the right was shorter, and other miscellaneous parts weren't cleaned up yet.

August 4th Proto Final
Bonkers (Prototype - Oct 04, 1994) (hidden-palace.org)001asdf.png Bonkers (JUE) !004350.png

Like the wall, the wood paneling was also a basic gradient in this build. The pinned papers were slightly modified to make the blue lines more visible. Ma Tow Truck and Harry the Handbag also switched places. Possibly for licensing complications, Mickey Rat was renamed to The Rat in the final.

Level Differences


This level can sometimes crash the game. It's currently unknown as to why this is the case.


August 4th Proto Final
Bonkers (Prototype - Oct 04, 1994) (hidden-palace.org)003.png Bonkers (JUE) !000dsfs.png

Bonkers pushes the level number in while Fall Apart pours water over the bomb. In the final, Bonkers pushes Fall Apart in, and there's two crates. The alphabet for these screens (not just for the Warehouse's) lack any proper dropshadow in this build.

Bonkers (Prototype - Oct 04, 1994) (hidden-palace.org)001.png

Once Bonkers collects all of Fall Apart's pieces, the player can view his picture, not unlike the final. The extra word bubble was cut in later builds.

Hollywood Freeway

Within the cinematic that plays when choosing this level, a sprite of the Toot Siren character appears that's not in the final. This is what's seen in the final version.

Bonkers (JUE) !005351.png

But this...

Proto screen 1 Proto screen 2
Bonkers (Prototype - Oct 04, 1994) (hidden-palace.org)00242.png Bonkers (Prototype - Oct 04, 1994) (hidden-palace.org)0333103.png

...is what's in the proto.

August 4th Proto Final
Bonkers (Prototype - Oct 04, 1994) (hidden-palace.org)0331.png Bonkers jue dsno.png

This billboard had the text removed, was shortened, and its underlying shiners simplified. There's also a different Bonkers billboard from the last build that's much smaller. It still didn't make it into the final, though. None of the off-road had any grass, and the trees and bushes were more far between.

Bonkers (Prototype - Oct 04, 1994) (hidden-palace.org)002.png

Another scrapped billboard. Probably considered too racy for a kids' game or something.