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Proto:Caesars Palace (NES)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Caesars Palace (NES).

A prototype of Caesars Palace, with some differences.

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Proto Final
Caesars Palace Intro (Proto).PNG Caesars Palace Intro.PNG

The prototype intro has an apostrophe in "Caesar's Palace". One would think this is correct, but apparently it is not.


Proto Final
Caesars Palace Gameplay3 (Proto).PNG Caesars Palace Gameplay3.PNG

The placement of the Caesars Palace logo on the pause screen is a bit worse in the prototype.

Proto Final
Caesars Palace Gameplay Proto.PNGCaesars Palace Gameplay2 (Proto).PNG Caesars Palace Gameplay.PNGCaesars Palace Gameplay2.PNG

The slot machines and various parts of the casino are pink in the prototype, and dark yellow in the final.

Wheel of Fortune

Proto Final
Caesars Palace Gameplay4 (Proto).PNG Caesars Palace Gameplay4.PNG

The Cleo and Caesar spots switch places between the prototype and the final.


Proto Final
Caesars Palace Gameplay5 (Proto).PNG Caesars Palace Gameplay5.PNG

The pattern of red/black squares is different in the prototype. Also, the barrier near the bottom of the screen is slightly longer in the final.