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This page details one or more prototype versions of Catrap.

US Prototype

Proto Final
You could say it's missing a lot of purr-sonality Catrap Title.png

The logo lacks the pawprints on the As and cat face on the P.

Unreleased European Version

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A European version, titled Power Paws, was planned for release by The Sales Curve. Two versions (labeled "PMX" and "P4X") of this iteration were included in the 2020 Game Boy lot check leak.

While the game would eventually be released in Europe in 2011 through 3DS Virtual Console, it's based on the US version.

Japan US Europe
PitmanGB Title.png Catrap Title.png PowerPaws1.png


Power Paws moves the copyright info to a separate screen, also updating the year to 1993.

Japan/US/Europe (P4X) Europe (PMX)
Catrap Password.png PowerPaws-PMX.png

The PMX version removes the vowels from the password screen (matching many localizations on Nintendo platforms from this era), replacing them with S, #, and !.