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Proto:Chrono Trigger (SNES)/Graphic Differences

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Chrono Trigger (SNES).

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Idle Sprites

Proto Final
We're waaaaiting... Will you hurry up already?

Despite the fact that characters don't actually "idle" on the world map as they do in the final, sprites exist for this purpose and are loaded into VRAM when the corresponding characters appear on the world map. There are several differences, some quite significant, as well. Crono, Frog, and Ayla even gain animated idle sprites in the final!

Overworld Guard

Sprites also exist for some sort of guard on the overworld. Possibly a test character or a character meant to guard an important location. CTP Unused Guard.png


Proto Final
Lavos as a parasitic... thing. Lavos with anime hair.

Lavos' map sprite underwent a fair bit of redesigning: in the prototype, it rather resembled a large urchin, whereas in the final, it was made larger and given significantly more prominent and imposing spikes on its back.


Proto Final
Burn! Bobonga! Caution: Do not touch!

The lava around the Tyrano Lair on the 65,000,000 BC world map glows much brighter in the prototype. Presumably changed because it looks rather strange.


Proto Final
Rather rough. Much more polished.

Rock graphics used in 600 AD received some polishing in the final version.

Magus Scythe Animation

Magus' full scythe animation for when he attacks, left unused in the final, is in full effect here.


Item Menu Marker

Proto Final
I do not see what a block has to do with items. Now you're making some sense.

While the menu didn't undergo many changes from prototype to final, the "Item" marker was an exception, going from a nondescript block in the prototype to a much more fitting "Item" graphic in the final. This would later be changed again in the North American release.

Status Ailments

Proto Final
A... bubble? Stop. Watch. Stopwatch. Get it? Ahahahah oh I am so funny.

The status ailment graphics underwent some minor renovations, with the biggest change being the Stop icon going from a bubble to a stopwatch. The Poison and Sleep icons also saw some moderate changes.

1000 AD Little Girl

Proto Final
Apparently, blond hair was too normal for this game. Right, because green and purple hair absolutely make more sense!

A blond-haired little girl can be found upstairs in the Porre Mayor's house in the prototype. No children in the final use this palette, only green and purple ones.

Medieval Shelves

Proto Final
Large jugs. A greater variety.

The shelves found in various houses/shops in 600 AD were simpler in design in the prototype, with the objects on them consisting only of large jugs and orange/white objects. The final no longer uses the jugs, but adds a great deal more variety to the objects on these shelves, as well as a palette that differentiates the existing objects from the ones in 1000 AD.

Forest Signposts

Proto Final
Really, what's the point? A sign of the times.

The signs in the forests of 1000 AD and 600 AD are longer, narrower, and pointier in the prototype.

Rope Bridge

Proto Final
That doesn't look very sturdy... Much better craftsmanship.

The rope bridges seen at Truce Canyon and the Denadoro Mountains had a much simpler look in the prototype.

Blackbird Treasure Chests

Proto Final
Plain ol' chests. Nothing rhymes with orange.

The treasure chests in the Blackbird are a silver color in the prototype.

Zeal Kingdom

Though there are subtle changes throughout most of the tilesets, the ones used for the Zeal Kingdom areas appear to have undergone by far the most overall renovations.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the prototype's graphics is that they can be seen as demonstrating in-universe Zeal design prior to the Mammon Machine's creation, for reasons that will become obvious.

Human Statues

Proto Final
Are they holding... wait, what? Well-endowed goddess statues.

The decorative statues in Zeal Castle are quite different in the prototype. The final version changed them considerably to feature a much more obvious goddess figure instead of the rough designs of the proto.

Gargoyle Statues

Proto Final
At night, they came alive to fight crime. Okay, not really.

The gargoyle statues also underwent some modifications, although not as drastic as the human ones above. The designs on the base were altered slightly in the final to something which appears to be the Mammon Machine.

Sealed Doors

Proto Final
You can't enter! Gee, that can't possibly be important.

The designs on the sealed doors of Zeal Castle and the domes in 2300 AD underwent a rather radical change, going from abstractions of no obvious significance in the prototype to a design of the Mammon Machine in the final. The doors were also given animated lights in the final.


Proto Final
All hail Zeal! All hail... the Mammon Machine.

The banners adorning the walls of Zeal Castle were changed in almost the exact same manner as the doors.


Proto Final
Brightens up any room! They really worshipped that thing, didn't they?

The tablecloths went through a similar change: a generic design in the prototype was replaced with another Mammon Machine motif in the final.


Proto Final
Good night. Eat, drink, sleep, and breathe the Mammon Machine!

More of the same: generic designs in the prototype, Mammon Machine designs in the final.


Proto Final
Sturdy. This is getting ridiculous.

The final version's pillars feature much more intricate shading, various structural differences near the tops, and you guessed it: more Mammon Machine decorations.

Low Walls

Proto Final
Something about a brick wall. Please, make it stop!

The Mammon Machine additions continue, in the designs found on the low walls.

Skyway Portals

Proto Final
Yup. Teleporters. And they always seem to be malfunctioning.

The Skyway/Land Bridge portals feature a much more elaborate design in the final, and surprise: more Mammon Machine designs added.

You don't realize how obsessed the Zeal Kingdom was with that machine until you compare these things...