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Proto:Combat Cars

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Combat Cars.

Due to the similarities, Fun Car Rally is believed to be a prototype of Combat Cars (many of Fun Car Rally‍ '​s assets are also seen in Combat Cars),[1][2] although it appears to have been made by a company called MagiCom rather than Accolade or Scangames Norway.[2] The ROM is available online.


The title screens are different: Fun Car Rally‍ '​s title screen is simplistic, consisting of a black screen with the words "Fun Car" in red, and a gaily coloured "Rally" with a flag. Unlike Combat Cars, there is no demo if the user makes no input for a while, so the screen is displayed indefinitely and "Press Start Button" flashes until there is user input. The main menu is also very simplistic and on a black background.

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Specifically: Are the other music tracks computerised versions of songs?

Fun Car Rally features music that does not appear to be in Combat Cars. The title screen music seems to be a computerised version of the start of either Fun Fun Fun by The Beach Boys, or Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry.[2] The name entry screen's music might be Get Out Of Your Lazy Bed by Matt Bianco. The music of the tracks also appears to have been changed in Combat Cars.


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