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Proto:Conker's Bad Fur Day/Debug Build

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Despite being only two months after the previous version, this one is nearly complete. It does have some things that really stand out though.

General Differences

  • Some of the text is incorrectly punctuated.

Opening Logos

Debug Build Final
CBFDDebug-legal.png Conker'sBFD-legal.png
  • The legal info screen now appears, but with the "For Mature Audiences Only" message included on top of it.
  • The Nintendo logo isn't displayed.

Cheat Codes

As the options are now available normally, one can enter some cheat codes:


  • INFO - Shows memory usage information, as well as the CPU load status.
  • ALL GOOD CHEATS - Unlocks all chapters + multiplayer characters, and turns on slow Katana kills.
  • DEBUG - Enable the crash debug menu (see below).
  • SKIP CUTSCENES - The player can skip cutscenes at any moment.
  • SPEEDY MOVE - Unknown.

End Credits + Epilogue


  • NOA Product Testing is simply "NOA Testing" in this build.
Debug Build Final
ConkersBFD Credits21 Debug.png ConkersBFD Credits21 Final.png
  • Ben Cullum and Hiro Yamada are missing from "Additional Thanks".
Debug Build Final
ConkersBFD Credits25 Debug.png ConkersBFD Credits25 Final.png
  • The credit for La Marseillaise is also missing.
Debug Build Final
ConkersBFD Credits27 Debug.png ConkersBFD Credits27 Final.png


  • At the beginning of the cutscene, the glass of scotch was already on the table.
Debug Build Final
ConkersBFD Epilogue Start-Debug.png ConkersBFD Epilogue Start-Final.png
  • At the end of the cutscene, Conker says "I think I'll go the other way." with a thought bubble before leaving, which was removed from the final version.
Debug Build Final
ConkersBFD Epilogue End-Debug.png ConkersBFD Epilogue End-Final.png

Crash Debugger

To do:
Figure out what all of the menus are for.

A very complex crash debugger is present and can be enabled by entering the cheat DEBUG. Then enable the GameShark code 81000002 1001 at any point during gameplay to bring up the menu.


Displays the registers. Use the C Buttons to flip through the pages.



A memory viewer. Use the D-Pad and C Buttons to scroll through the addresses.



Move Obj




Displays music info.

Sound Emitters


Displays sound effect info.







Displays camera info.



Displays a stack dump.

Mem Map

Doesn't seem to work, only displays a black screen.

Soak Test


Task WS


Host Debug

Exits the debug menu.