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Proto:Doom (32X)/September 16, 1994 Prototype

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(Prototype source: Hidden Palace)

General Differences

  • This is the first version to display a copyright screen after the Sega screen.
  • The Level select option is now present in the main menu, but it's non-functional.
  • The Options menu is now using its final layout, but Controls doesn't open its submenu yet.
  • The music is back. As in the Sept. 9 prototype, only Level 1's theme is played continuously.
  • The hex values have been updated again:
    • The first value is now the amount of ammo for the current weapon.
    • The second is both the status bar face's current animation and your current health.
    • The third is your armor.
    • The fourth and fifth are always 0005.
  • The controls for cycling through weapons are back to their final setup.
  • The other cheats are back:
    • Mode + Y is now God mode; level advance remains Mode + X.
    • The keys and full arsenal cheat only gives 500 ammo for each weapon now, as in the final game.
  • The level advance cheat now bypasses Level 6.
  • The final status bar is now in place, but it's not 100% done yet:
    • No numbers are drawn on the Arms panel.
    • Only the face animations for looking forward, left, and right with various amounts of health are functional.
    • The normal health face is reused for 1-20%.
    • The looking right with a bloody nose face, usually used when between 60 and 80% health, is also used when dead.
    • Likewise, God mode uses the forward facing bloody nose face.