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Proto:Doom (PC, 1993)/Doom 1.9 Special Edition

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Doom (PC, 1993).

This early, incomplete version of the executable used by The Ultimate Doom was included with the map sources John Romero released on April 22, 2015.

General Differences

Glorious cyan!
  • The startup text reads DOOM System Startup v1.9 Special Edition in black text on a cyan background. The final version uses The Ultimate DOOM Startup v1.9 in dark gray text on a light gray background.
  • The opening demo reel references the HELP2 screen, which is not included in the final IWAD, and doesn't play DEMO4.
  • SKY2 is used as episode four's sky texture instead of SKY4.
  • All levels will give the error Z_CT at wi_stuff.c:1080 after the "ENTERING" part of the intermission screen, making it impossible to progress normally.
  • E4M7-E4M9's names aren't displayed when entering or finishing them, since the code that caches the lumps used for the map name graphics on the intermission screen only supports six maps in episode four.
    • This will sometimes cause a crash with a Bad V_DrawPatch error when attempting to draw one of these graphics on the intermission screen.
  • Automap name strings are only included for E4M1-E4M5. E4M6 and beyond are simply called NEWLEVEL.
  • Lost Souls don't bounce off floors and ceilings, as in prior versions, unlike the finished Ultimate Doom executable.
  • Sector tag 666 still works as it does in Registered Doom v1.9. This means all instances of boss monsters dying in E1M8 will lower the floor to its lowest adjacent floor, instead of only Barons of Hell, like in Ultimate Doom v1.9.
  • The bars blocking E4M6's exit don't open after killing the Cyberdemon, making it impossible to complete the level normally.
  • E4M8 ends after killing the Spider Mastermind—the intermission text music begins to play, but then the game exits with the error W_GetNumForName: not found!
  • The IDMUS cheat code still doesn't work correctly. Like it's the case since Doom v1.666, attempting to change the music crashes the game, because the executable attempts to look for the Doom 2 music lumps, even if Doom 1 is being played. This wasn't fixed until the official release of The Ultimate Doom v1.9.

Music Differences

Most levels in Thy Flesh Consumed reference different music tracks than the ones used in the final release.

Level Early Assignment Final Assignment
E4M1 Sinister (E2M6) Sign of Evil (E1M8)
E4M4 Kitchen Ace (And Taking Names) (E1M4) Suspense (E1M5)
E4M7 Demons on the Prey (E1M7, E2M5, E3M5) Sinister (E2M6)
E4M8 On the Hunt (E1M6, E3M6) Demons on the Prey (E1M7, E2M5, E3M5)
E4M9 On the Hunt (E1M6, E3M6) Hiding the Secrets (E1M9, E3M9)