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Proto:Dr. Mario (NES)/Prototype C

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Dr. Mario (NES).

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

This very late prototype of Dr. Mario is very similar to the final game, although there are some changes here and there.

ROM Info

The very beginning of the ROM starts with a one byte difference from the final at offset 0x6, with the prototype starting with a byte of 11 unlike the final that starts with a byte of 10.

The header of the ROM starts at offset 0x200F instead of offset 0x1FFF like the final, and is not a proper header yet.

Prototype C Final Build
06 20 72 8F A9 01 85 89 60 44 52 2E 4D 41 52 49 4F 21
. r.©.…‰` DR.MARIO!