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Proto:Driv3r (Game Boy Advance)/Prototype B

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Driv3r (Game Boy Advance).

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

To do:
There's some more.


  • No Atari logo.
  • The prototype boots up straight to the language select, which shows a rotating badge with French language icon, however, you can select a language:
    • Pressing A chooses English
    • Pressing B chooses French
    • Pressing SELECT chooses German
    • Pressing START chooses Spanish
    • Pressing D-PAD RIGHT chooses Italian
  • No health bar present.
  • Only Nice is playable with some Undercover missions missing, along with some missing segments from missions which are present.
  • Only sound is the track which plays in the pause menu of the final game, along with some corrupted sounds at beginning and after cutscenes.
  • You can't pause the game.
  • You can't be killed.
  • You can drive your car in water.
  • Usable weapons, collectible clips and shooting segments are not present.
  • Vehicle challenges are very broken - you can exit your vehicle while time is still running without the mission quitting itself, can enter while in other mission, time running out doesn't make you fail...
  • If you fail a main mission, the game will automatically restart the mission from the last checkpoint.
  • Two story scenes include placeholder images. Can be seen here.
  • One story scene includes placeholder text. Can be seen here.
  • No credit sequence.
  • Bag collectibles, having a different icon when picked up, are present and in their final game placements, except one:
Prototype Final
  • The game doesn't save.