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This page details one or more prototype versions of Futakoi.

Futakoi DEMO - Title.png

A standalone demo disc that was released sometime in late 2004. The exe's last modified date is September 8th, 2004. Contains several test scripts, one including a debug menu that isn't found in the final game.

Debug Script

Futakoi DEMO - Debugmenu.png

With the code on below, start a new game to appear in this menu. This allows you to view scenes, character images, background images and listen to music.

Story = Debug Menu
201A2320 45545F31
201A2324 00005453
(Source: Punk7890)

Test Script

Futakoi DEMO - Testscript.png

Starting a new game with the below code on will start a test script.

201A2320 54545053
201A2324 00545345
(Source: Punk7890)