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Proto:Half-Life (Windows)/Half-Life: Uplink

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Half-Life (Windows).

Half-Life: Uplink is a demo for Half-Life that was released on February 12th 1999. While released after the final game, it does have some differences.

The demo's maps are based on a location cut from the final game, making it scrapped material that was given a new life.


Main Menu

Demo Final
Hluplink menu.png Hlfinal menuwon.png

Uplink's menu has a changed title to reflect the demo's name, "View Readme" option as "View Readme.txt", the "Multiplayer" and "Custom game" options missing, and "Previews" replaced with "Full Version", a link that sends the player to a defunct page that was meant to let the player order the game. There is also a yellow tag near the lower right-hand corner that says "Game of the Year" with PC Gamer's logo on it.

Startup Video

When starting up the demo, the game will play an almost minute-long video showing the demo's title, then various game of the year awards Half-Life had received.


This demo does not have multiplayer.


Cheats are disabled in the demo.

Machine Gun Gibbing

The machine gun in Uplink will gib enemies, while the one in the final game doesn't.

Demo Final
Hluplink mggibbed.png Hlfinal mggibbed.png


In addition to the English version, there exist two German and one French build of this demo.

PlayStation 2 Version

Uplink was included as part of the June 2002 PlayStation Underground demo disc from the Official PlayStation Magazine. The only notable map change is the replacement of the original brush based health & suit chargers with the new model based ones from the PS2 version of Half-Life.