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Proto:Jurassic Park: Trespasser/Build 55

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Jurassic Park: Trespasser.

The first of a few prototypes given to Trescom member Tatu from an anonymous former dev, This is probably the only one of the prototypes we have that was intended for internal use only. This build is from mid-July 1998 and the game was already getting watered down by this point as the developers struggled to make the game run on computers of the time as well as meet the deadline that would be quickly approaching them in October.

General Differences

  • The game engine is prone to crashes which seem to have something to do with distant objects. Looking down at the ground in crash prone areas usually helps avoid crashes. Lowering the quality to at least 75% generally helps lessen the crashes as well. Also of noting is that the engine seems to handle rendering objects a lot worse than later builds and depending upon the graphics mode, may encounter slow downs.
  • Anne is using a new model. It is the same model she has in Build 96, except with higher texture shading detail and no heart tattoo.

It seems at this point the devs realized that the full body idea wasn't going to work with how bad engine performance was going. As a result, they turned her into an arm and floating breasts and increased her bust size to hide the fact she didn't have legs

  • Anne's speed is on par with Build 22's (E3 Demo) movement speed.
  • Dinosaurs properly die like they did in Build 22.
  • Dinosaurs don't tuck their arms and legs under their bodies when they die like later builds. Instead, their body falls and their limbs collapse in whatever position they were in.
  • Lowering quality below 75% causes the sky texture to disappear.
  • Anne can injure herself by simply bumping into some objects.
  • Dinosaur "teams" seem to not be working properly at this point, so dinosaurs will attack dinosaurs that would normally be on the same team as them (e.g. Tribe C Raptors will attack Tribe C Raptors).
  • The Launcher's graphics are different from the final's and previous builds.


  • The launcher also plays The Muppet Show Theme song during install. On modern PCs, only the first few seconds are heard since the game installs rather fast.
  • The interface is starting to look closer to the final's, but isn't quite there yet.
    • The pause menu is completely different and suffers from the same problem as the final's does where it won't stay on unless an option is selected generally.
  • During gameplay, the screen is covered by two images indicating that this build was for internal use and not intended for public viewing and has EA's logos. These are actually separate menu files and can be found in the disc's menu directory.

Tresb55dwi sm.png Tresb55ea.png

  • Additionally, a disclaimer is shown when the game boots up saying it is for internal use only. This is also located in the menu graphics.


  • Following this is a temporary title card which is located in the menu graphics, saying "Dreamworks Interactive Presents".


    • After this the game goes into the generic Dreamworks logo FMV used in earlier builds and the demo followed by a shortened version of the John Hammond Intro FMV that lacks the Dreamworks logo portion used in the final where Hammond introduces himself.
  • The title screen has fewer menu buttons.
  • The rendering menu in options has a graphical bug that causes broken colors and double vision while it is selected. Thankfully, switching graphics options fixes this. This bug can also happen in-game if the game is minimized at any point.
  • Hitspangs are working in this build.

They look much more orange than in that screenshot on the back of the box in the final...

  • Pressing New Game activates an intro to the Trespasser story and a story about the Lab level which is where Anne starts in this build.

Tresb55newgame1.png Tresb55newgame2.png


Trespasser Beachloadingscreen.png
Obviously, they had just started the Beach as there's almost nothing in the level.
Trespasserb96 JR loading screen.PNG
Jungle Road
Still the Pre-PH merger version but with foliage!
Trespasser PineValleyLoadingscreen.png
Pine Valley
Not a whole lot has changed between Build 32 and 55.
Trespasser LabLoadingscreen.png
The Lab
The game will start here if you select new game on the menu. Also has remnants of the cut capacitor puzzle intact.
Trespasser Summitloadingscreen.png
Like the Beach, just getting started!
Trespasser Otherloadingscreen.png
Test Scene
The music test button actually works in this build! Also, fewer weapons and objects to play with, but more than earlier builds.

Industrial Jungle

To do:
Upload a screenshot of her "updated" model.

Also worth noting, Industrial Jungle is in this build, but other than a notable change to Anne's model, there's nothing else different from Build 32. At any rate, the level can't be loaded, as the .scn file is blank. It can be force loaded by getting a .scn file from Build 32 or Build 22 for IJ and putting it into Build 55's directory, but the level crashes because Anne floats away due to her leg physics being different in Build 55. However, it's long enough for Trespasser to create a usable .swp file in the install directory allowing the level to be loaded in TresEd.

As for Anne's model, it's a butchered version of her original model used in Builds 22 and 32. The stomach, back and left arm parts of the torso have been removed, leaving pretty much just an arm and floating breasts like the later iterations of Anne.