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Proto:Jurassic Park: Trespasser/Trespasser Demo

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Released after the final game, this demo was the best glance at Pine Valley most players got until the release of the prototypes. The demo itself is very barebones, only allowing players to walk around a small section of land. Shortly after the player gets out of the area, the demo immediately ends.

Pine Valley Remnants

Although the level has been altered to accommodate for the small demo area, the heightmap is still largely intact. Some of the objects and textures for the main route are also present. The road and power lines, as well as the pits that were separated by bridges, remain. The original level start is also still mostly intact (aside from the wooden gates and the guns anyway), but the player can't normally go to it because a large rock blocks the road.

The depression in the terrain for the Geothermal Plant is also still present. The forest walk route, on the other hand, seems to have been mostly removed as terrain was altered here. Most notably, the terrain where the Mayan ruins were located has been raised. This was probably the result of making the play area in the demo.


The mission texts for the levels and the full version's tutorial are present inside trespasse.exe, but obviously don't get used here.


Obvious developer texts for the tutorial found inside trespass.exe.