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Proto:Klax (Arcade)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Klax (Arcade).

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At least two prototypes exist for Klax.

Prototype 1

General Differences

  • Warps are not yet implemented.
Proto Final
Klax (Arcade) WaveSelect proto.png Klax (Arcade) WaveSelect final.png
  • The playfield is slightly smaller than the final version. The waves the player can start in are also different.

Sound Differences

  • Many of the sounds are higher-pitched.
  • No voice samples from the female announcer are present.

Visual Differences

  • Only one field, which is very unpolished graphically.
  • A more typical font usually seen in 8-bit and 16-bit games is used in several places where a serifed font would be used.
  • The tiles have some very noticeable dithering on them.
Proto Final
Klax (Arcade) Proto-title.png Klax title.png
  • The title screen is rather bare. The K and X are the opposite colors.
Proto Final
Klax (Arcade) 90s Proto.png Klax (Arcade) 90s Final.png
  • The font used for the tagline is smaller than the final version.