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Proto:Legend of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse/October Prototypes

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Legend of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse.

October 11

  • The opening scroll now matches the one from the final.
  • You now have to save the possum at the end of the Forest as you do in the final.
  • The leaves in the Forest level have been updated, and now resemble the final tileset.
  • The water colour in the second Forest level has been updated to final.
  • The clams in Sunken Ruins no longer hurt Mickey.
  • The first rotating pillar in the Sunken Ruins level has been removed.
  • The Crystal Forest tiles have been changed to the ones found in the final.
September 22 October 11 Final
LoICrystalForestArea1-Proto.png LoICrystalForestArea1-Proto11.png LoICrystalForestArea1.png
  • The beginning still hasn't added the two minor platforms, nor has it added the enemy.
  • The end of the first Garden of Illusion stage has been updated to the final version.
  • The notes you have to leap on have been reduced to five.

October 14

  • Title screen updated to final.
  • Castle Goofstein now shows the 'G' motif on the boards plus the images of Goofy scattered around the town.
  • The bee enemy has been added to the beginning of the level.
  • The stick no longer drops after defeating shadow enemies.
  • The 'slope' area in the Forest now resembles the final, with a larger hill.
  • The second Forest level now has the same background colour as the final.
  • Duckingham bricks now resemble the final.
  • The crow at the top of Duckingham (on the rope) has been added, much further away than it is in earlier prototypes.
  • Goofy's sprite has been added.
  • The tornado has been added near the end of the first Sunken Ruins level.
  • Another tornado has been added at the beginning of the second Sunken Ruins level.
  • The third Sunken Ruins level has been updated to the final version.
  • The corals in the final Sunken Ruins level have been added to match the final version.
  • Donald's sprite has been added.
  • As has the tornado next to him.
  • The two platforms and enemy have been added to Crystal Forest.
  • The first Gardens of Illusion stage now matches the final.
  • Merlock now has the white line around him found in the final version.

October 17

  • The hole in the Forest bricks remains.
  • The top snake in the second Forest stage has been added.
  • The second Sunken Ruins stage still has the extra water path instead of the tornado.
  • Gardens of Illusion's second stage still has a shorter branch.
  • Merlock still takes more hits to defeat.
  • The other cutscenes still use the text from previous prototypes.