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Proto:LittleBigPlanet PS Vita/Private Beta

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This is a sub-page of Proto:LittleBigPlanet PS Vita.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.

A private beta for LittleBigPlanet PS Vita.

Changed Graphics

Costume Icons

Proto Lbpvbeta bearded lady fi icon.png Lbpvbeta bearded lady hr icon.png Lbpvbeta bearded lady fit icon.png Lbpvbeta bumpergirl base icon.png Lbpvbeta hollow fit icon.png
Final Lbpvfinal bearded lady fi icon.png Lbpvfinal bearded lady hr icon.png Lbpvfinal bearded lady fit icon.png Lbpvfinal bumpergirl base icon.png Lbpvfinal hollow fit icon.png

Some of the costume icons reflect changes in design; the Bearded Lady costume originally had the appearance of a violin, the Hollow costume has lines cut into it and other minimal changes, and the Oddfellow costume has brighter colors. The Hollow costume's model is also changed in this build similarly to the icon.

Material Icons

Proto Lbpvbeta basic rubber icon.png
Lbpvbeta bevel stitches icon.png
Lbpvbeta touchable material lm icon.png Lbpvbeta touchable material sm icon.png Lbpvbeta velvet cloth icon.png
Final Lbpvfinal basic rubber icon.png
Lbpvfinal bevel stitches icon.png
Lbpvfinal touchable material lm icon.png Lbpvfinal touchable material sm icon.png Lbpvfinal velvet cloth icon.png

Some materials had their icons changed.

Object Icons

Proto Lbpvbeta toy tin arm icon.png Lbpvbeta toy tin foot icon.png Lbpvbeta toy tin foot long icon.png Lbpvbeta toy tin hand icon.png Lbpvbeta toy tin leg icon.png Lbpvbeta toy tin torso long icon.png Lbpvbeta toy vase icon.png
Final Lbpvfinal toy tin arm icon.png Lbpvfinal toy tin foot icon.png Lbpvfinal toy tin foot long icon.png Lbpvfinal toy tin hand icon.png Lbpvfinal toy tin leg icon.png Lbpvfinal toy tin torso long icon.png Lbpvfinal toy vase icon.png
Proto Lbpvbeta toy cone icon.png Lbpvbeta toy drum icon.png Lbpvbeta toy tin rocket icon.png Lbpvbeta tin can icon.png Lbpvbeta large spikes icon.png Lbpvbeta sackboybody torso icon.png
Final Lbpvfinal toy cone icon.png Lbpvfinal toy drum icon.png Lbpvfinal toy tin rocket icon.png Lbpvfinal tin can icon.png Lbpvfinal large spikes icon.png Lbpvfinal sackboybody torso icon.png

A few objects had their icons updated.

Decoration Icons

Proto Lbpvbeta hollow hole icon.png Lbpvbeta hollow bunny ear icon.png Lbpvbeta hollow cat ear icon.png Lbpvbeta coin slot icon.png
Final Lbpvfinal hollow hole icon.png Lbpvfinal hollow bunny ear icon.png Lbpvfinal hollow cat ear icon.png Lbpvfinal coin slot icon.png
Proto Lbpvbeta flashing lamp icon.png Lbpvbeta hokey club icon.png Lbpvbeta shutter window top icon.png Lbpvbeta tuner diffuse icon.png
Final Lbpvfinal flashing lamp icon.png Lbpvfinal hokey club icon.png Lbpvfinal shutter window top icon.png Lbpvfinal tuner diffuse icon.png

A few decorations had their icons changed. Notably, the hollow pieces changed from gray to beige.

Unused Graphics

Pin Placeholder

Lbpvbeta pin placeholder.png

A placeholder graphic for pins.



carnivalia_concept_sticker.tex lbp_globe_temp_sticker.tex colonelfounder_front.tex mariannenoisettefront.tex seanbrawn_perspective.tex mrssunshinefront.tex

gamedata/lbppsp2/th_unthemed/stickers/storyboard/psp2 has some more concept art images and renders for the curators.

La Marionetta

circus_banner_corner.tex circus_banner_decorations_01.tex old_clock.tex tent_trim.tex train_cabin.tex train_cargo.tex train_hull.tex

The Land of Odd

book_back.tex typewriter_e.tex typewriter_m.tex typewriter_u.tex typewriter_y.tex

Jackpot City

city_backdrop_2.tex computer_button.tex computer_decoration.tex computer_grid.tex computer_list.tex hich_tech_3.tex pinball_surround.tex

Collectible Item Icons


Lbpvbeta touch material stitches square icon.png Lbpvbeta touch material stitches round icon.png

Two icons for touch materials can be found that have no outline.

Rounded Nail Decoration

Lbpvbeta rounded nail icon.png

An icon for an unused rounded nail decoration can be found; the decoration itself exists in the final but isn't given out.

Tin Can Lid Decoration

Lbpvbeta tin can lid icon.png

An unused decoration for a tin can lid.

Unused Audio

Unused Dialogue

gamedata/audio/dialogue contains some lines of dialogue that don't appear in the final release of the game.


Audio File Filename Subtitle
cs_intro_intro_nar_10.mp3 The story you are about to hear... concerns a monstrous puppeteer-
cs_intro_intro_nar_15.mp3 ..and a fairground that cannot be trusted.
cs_intro_intro_nar_20.mp3 It is a tale of accidental heroes-
cs_intro_intro_nar_30.mp3 ..and long lost friends.
cs_intro_intro_nar_40.mp3 On a travelling world called Carnivalia.
cs_intro_intro_nar_50.mp3 Once the bringer of fun and laugher and games-
cs_intro_intro_nar_60.mp3 ..Carnivalia now creates joy, only to steal it all back again.
cs_intro_intro_nar_70.mp3 Leaving nothing but sadness in its wake.
cs_intro_intro_nar_80.mp3 But joy has a power and a will of its own, which can never truly be tamed.

Some lines from the narrator for early introduction describing Carnivalia and the main story.

The Puppeteer

Audio File Filename Subtitle
cs_intro_intro_tp_80.mp3 But joy has a power and a will of its own, which can never truly be tamed.

A single voice line from the Puppeteer doing the narrating instead of Stephen Fry.