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Proto:Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals/Alunze part 3

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals.

Alunze Northwest Cave


Prototype Retail JP
Estpolis Denki II prototype 1A DANJ005A.png Estpolis Denki II 18 Alunze Northwest Cave B1.png
Prototype Retail JP
Estpolis Denki II prototype 1A DANJ005A center room puzzle.png Estpolis Denki II 18 Alunze Northwest Cave B1 center room puzzle.png

To open the door in the center room, the prototype has a simple puzzle to find the switch to place the pot on. This was changed to a three switch puzzle, where one of the pots is cleverly hidden behind the right pillar.

Other map changes:

  • In the retail version, rocks at the bottom of the center room block the path to hidden treasure chests containing an Eron hat and Tuff buckler. You can't get to these chests until you obtain the Hammer.
  • The northeast room in the prototype has a puzzle, if you can call it that, to push the block a whole two tiles onto the switch. This was removed, and a single monster now roams the area.
  • Craters were added to the eastern room of the retail version.


Prototype Retail JP
Estpolis Denki II prototype 1B DANJ005B.png Estpolis Denki II 19 Alunze Northwest Cave B2.png

Map changes:

  • Two separate rooms on the left side of the map in the prototype were merged.
  • The bottom room has another pointless pillar/switch puzzle, which was replaced with restoration points and a hidden path leading to treasure chests containing a Brave and a Miracle.
  • The northern room also has a hidden path. The staircase leads to a treasure chest containing a Light armor.
  • A wall switch exists in the center room with the river in the prototype, but it doesn't function. Presumably, its purpose was to toggle the hidden staircase, but it's not required. The retail version, on the other hand, does require an invisible switch to be weighed down with a nearby pot.


Prototype Retail JP
Estpolis Denki II prototype 1C DANJ005C PADDED.png Estpolis Denki II 1A Alunze Northwest Cave B3.png

Note: the above prototype map has been padded with blank space for easier comparison to the final version. View/download the unmodified map here. (Estpolis Denki II prototype 1C DANJ005C.png)

To do:
More comparisons, e.g., the shifting walls puzzles

Map changes:

  • Changes to the placement of the pillar stepping stones next to the river.
  • The retail version has two treasure chests in the center of the map. The one next to the stairs contains a Light armor (noted in B2 section above), while the lower chest contains a Witch ring.


Prototype Retail JP
Estpolis Denki II prototype 1D DANJ005D.png Estpolis Denki II 1B Alunze Northwest Cave B4.png

Graphics changes:

  • The retail version adds worn looking bricks.

Map changes:

  • Two torches were added by the staircase near the boss room, as well as save and restoration points.
  • Spikes guard the treasure chest containing the key in the retail version, and don't lower until the boss is defeated. The prototype automatically centers you in front of the boss.
  • The retail version has a secret treasure room (the hidden path to it is under the bridge) which contains a Miracle.
  • Positions of torches on walls shifted slightly.
  • Message boxes were added to the walls where you drain the pools.