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Proto:Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals/Clamento

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals.

Ruby Cave


Prototype Retail JP
Estpolis Denki II prototype 29 DANJ006A.png Estpolis Denki II 27 Ruby Cave B1.png

Graphics changes:

  • The ice block was replaced with a crystal in the copytiles area, though neither are used on this map.
  • The pushable block is slightly larger in the prototype.

Map changes:

  • An extra broken wall was added in the copytiles area of the retail version.
  • The prototype has a treasure chest where you find a (TODO - a shield?). This was replaced with Armor Dog (Blaze), the Capsule Monster.


Prototype Retail JP
Estpolis Denki II prototype 2A DANJ006B.png Estpolis Denki II 28 Ruby Cave B2.png

Graphics changes:

  • Same changes noted in B1 section apply.

Map changes:

  • The Northeast room in the prototype has a switch that needs to be weighed down, a rather pointless puzzle that was removed.
  • In the prototype, there's just a single switch in the southern room to drain the lava on the B1 level. This was changed to a puzzle requiring the new 4-switch configuration to all be facing left, and plays a flowing lava sound effect when solved.


Prototype Retail JP
Estpolis Denki II prototype 2B DANJ006C.png Estpolis Denki II 29 Ruby Cave B3.png
Prototype Retail JP
Estpolis Denki II prototype 2B DANJ006C ice block.png Estpolis Denki II 29 Ruby Cave B3 ice crystal.png

Ice blocks in the prototype create only a single tile stepping stone, while the ice crystal replacements cover up to a 3x3 grid.

Map changes:

  • The retail version map is similar, but larger, and with a smaller central island. This hides the treasure chests at the bottom edge of the map, which contain an Aqua whip and Fury helmet.


Prototype Retail JP
Estpolis Denki II prototype 2C DANJ006D.png Estpolis Denki II 2A Ruby Cave B4.png

Map changes:

  • The lava river extends across the right half of the map in the retail version.
  • The save point in front of the boss room in the prototype was moved to a hidden room behind a vine-covered wall which also contains restoration tiles.
  • A vine on the wall in the western room was removed, probably for looking out of place on a corner wall.
  • Two pillars and barred doors were removed from the boss room, as well as the two non-functioning message boxes in the staging area.
  • The dimensions of the jail cell and the placement of floor debris were changed.