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Proto:Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals/Mystic Stones

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals.

Mystic Stones

The Mystic Stone chambers in the prototype version use a completely different tileset and are in a very early state with no collision data and no working exits. The first map has only one layer completed (i.e., no clouds), and while the second and third maps both have a second layer, it's only a small band of non-animated clouds along the top edge. These bands aren't visible except for a tiny section on the second map, but can be revealed by turning off Layer 1 in an emulator.

In the first chamber, the layout is pretty similar to the retail version but more maze-like, with only one correct path to reach the stone. Chamber two is somewhat recognizable when comparing the positions of the doors and stone location. The last chamber has little in common except for the door placement, and is also much larger. Connecting hallways between the rooms are basically the same.

In the retail version, the three separate maps are combined into one large 1408 x 1408 map as a space saving measure.


Estpolis Denki II prototype F7 KABU001A.png

Estpolis Denki II prototype F8 KABU001B.png

Estpolis Denki II prototype F9 KABU001C.png

Retail JP

Estpolis Denki II EC Mystic Stones.png


The prototype contains very early event scripts for destroying the mystic stones. The RN data for these maps are missing, meaning you can't interact with the stones. However, the event text is present. There's no fancy stone shattering animations or anything, just the textboxes you see below (major spoilers warning!)

To do:
Add retail text.

Mystic Stone 1

Prototype English Retail JP English Retail NA
Maxim: これが、魔石だな。
This must be a Magic Stone.
Here goes!
Maxim: これが、魔石だな。
This must be a Magic Stone.
Here goes!
This must be the
Mystic Stone. Alright,
here goes!
n/a n/a 1つめの魔石を壊した。 Breaks the first
Mystic Stone.
Breaks the first
Mystic Stone.
あ、あと二つ……いそがねば。 T- two more...
If I don't hurry...
Maxim: あ、あと二つ……。 T- two more... Two more to go...

Mystic Stone 2

Prototype English Retail JP English Retail NA
Maxim: 二つめだ……。 The second one... Maxim: 二つめだ……。 The second one... The second one...
n/a n/a 2つめの魔石を壊した。 Breaks the second Magic Stone. Breaks the second Mystic Stone.
よ、よし……あと一つだ。 A-alright...o- one more. Maxim: よ、よし……あと一つだ。 A-alright...o- one more. Alright. One more.

Mystic Stone 3

Prototype English Retail JP English Retail NA
Maxim: これが、最後の魔石だな。 Maxim: This is the last Magic Stone. これが、最後だ! This is the last one! This is it. This is
the last one!
Th-the bridge!?
Damnit! This is as far as I can go!
What should I do?
JPN text text TEXT
D-Dual Blade...
I understand!
I'll try using you!
JPN text text TEXT
Please resonate with the last bit of energy I have left,
JPN text text TEXT
The trajectory of the floating island has changed...
Thank you, Dual Blade.
Now I can be by Selan's side again...
JPN text text TEXT

Note that the last bit of dialogue here is in reference to Selan having died earlier, so Maxim is referring to joining her in the afterlife after having used the last bit of energy he had to alter the island's trajectory, saving their son and village in the process.

After the last textbox in the prototype, the game attempts to teleport you back to Shrine of Daos 5F, but there's no script in that room to handle it, resulting in a debugging message.

(All translations: Bast)