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Proto:Magic Knight Rayearth (Sega Saturn)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Magic Knight Rayearth (Sega Saturn).

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Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

A localization prototype dated September 16, 1997, well over a year before release and over a year after the original planned release.


Booting up the prototype will show an early recording of the intro song. It features sound effects that aren't in the final revision and video ripped directly from an episode of the anime.


The title screen is closer to the original release, though for some reason it's only called Rayearth.

General Differences

  • Translation is in an early state. A good chunk, if not the majority, of event dialogue has been inserted, but the only area without issues is Tokyo Tower and the long cutscene immediately proceeding it.
    • By the Tree of Life, Lairy, NPC dialogue is almost completely untranslated save for a single line that's a variation of "Welcome to [Town Name]".
  • English dub has barely been started by this point. Only the intro and a select few lines of dialogue from the character have been done.
    • Most of the Japanese voice acting has yet to be removed.
  • Enemy stats, including movement has yet to be changed.
  • There's still only three save slots. The final increases it to six.
  • The game softlocks after beating the boss present in the "Tree of Life, Lairy". The boss attempts to say something, but fails, and the game then proceeds to loop this event over and over.