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Proto:Mario Kart DS/Europe demo

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This Europe kiosk demo is unique in that it is a pre-final demo which has multiplayer functionality. A ROM dump was released on the 27th of April 2018. Its not clear if this was actually was used at store or event kiosks, despite it being a "not for resale" cart with a "DIS-" (DISplay) prefix on the label. In fact, the former owner of one of two of the carts said it was given to Swedish magazines for preview purposes, but it may have been used by Nintendo for multiple purposes. It will only boot without cheat codes if you connect at least two carts. Its build date is also a month earlier than that of the American demo, meaning that there are indeed some differences present within the ROM, although only internal and minor.

Download.png Download File:Mario Kart DS (Europe) (Demo) (Kiosk)
File: Mario Kart DS (Europe) (Demo) (Kiosk).7z (info)

Build Date

Build: 2005 4/28(Thu) 9:57:13

Donkey Kong's Name

While Donkey Kong's name appears as "DK" in the USA demo and the final, it appears as "Donkey" in this demo, as in earlier footages and screenshots. Interestingly, it can also be seen in /Scene/E3_Menu.carc/E3_select_character_gp_m_name.NCGR, but since there's no character selection menu in this demo (as the character is chosen randomly), this goes unused.

DKName2.png MKDSBetaDKNameDifference.png

Internal Course CARC naming

While the content of the course CARCs (not the CARCs themselves as some of them were rebuild for the USA demo) found in this demo are identical to that of its American counterpart, some names of the CARCs are not, particularly the scrapped courses.

European ROM American ROM Notes
Precursor to DK Pass.
Precursor to Waluigi Pinball.
Duplicate of stadium_course.carc (Wario Stadium), but without objects. Probably a slightly earlier version of the course.

Interestingly, despite them being abandoned/intentionally unused by this point in development (as proven by the fact they're both grouped with the rest of the unused courses in the debug menu), old_mario_gc and test_circle both have the lower naming convention the rest of the used courses have.