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Proto:Mega Man 7/Cloud Man

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Mega Man 7.

Level Changes

Early Cloud Man Stage Too sharp! Safety hazard!
Final Cloud Man Stage Now Mega Man won't die from hitting those things.

The windmill blades found throughout the level are the most obviously changed elements in this stage. In the prototype, the blades are sharper and the center of the blades is less detailed. The blades were rounded off for the final. Furthermore, every last windmill in the level is positioned differently between the two versions.

The four DeluPipi enemies are replaced with 3 Row Bird flocks and a TeruTeru.

Early Cloud Man Stage Nice place, but no atmosphere.
Final Cloud Man Stage Dr. Wily should use weather control more often.

The sample has an extra set of windmill blades. The platforms to the right of the first ladder are changed to a different design and brightened for the retail version. The platform underneath the large energy capsule is longer in the prototype.

The final build changes the Spiral Gabyoall to a TeruTeru and adds an extra Row Bird flock.

Early Cloud Man Stage Floating guns!
Final Cloud Man Stage The guns have eyes...

Along with the usual windmill blade adjustments, the last cloud cover is a bit larger in the retail version.

The second Tripropellern is a bit closer to the platform in the final build.

Early Cloud Man Stage If Mega Man touches broken glass, does he explode?
Final Cloud Man Stage Gobots: Lose the Spoon!

The lone fan platform was changed to a glass platform for the final build, and the Petaforce enemy was replaced with three Gobots.

NO U...circuit plate

The "U" circuit plate isn't present in the prototype, leaving this platform conspicuously empty.

Early Cloud Man Stage Uh, yeah, what are you two doing here?
Final Cloud Man Stage Conformity!!

Some extra detail was added to the walls in the final version in the form of hexagonal-shaped decorations. Whatever those are.

The Petaforce and clearly-out-of-place Trio the Wheel enemies were changed to Bunby Tanks.

Early Cloud Man Stage Work in Progress.
Final Cloud Man Stage Game Status: 100% Complete!

The latter half of this section uses obvious placeholder graphics in the prototype. They're changed to metallic tiles unique to this area in the retail version. An extra DeluPipi was also added.

Background Changes

Early Cloud Man Background You'll poke your eye out on those damned things!
Final Cloud Man Background Arting it up.

Like the rest of the level, the windmill blade edges have been rounded off. The blades and second smallest clouds were also darkened a bit in the final for perspective purposes. The smallest clouds in the prototype don't appear at all in the final version. The rectangular buildings(?) in the clouds are more colorful in the sample.

Early Cloud Man Background Final Cloud Man Background
Drink that sky in... Now it's purple flavored!

Just a palette change. It goes from sunset to...that time of day when the sky is purple.

Other Differences

  • There are no weather effects in the sample version of this stage.
  • The cloud platforms in this level don't freeze when hit with the Freeze Cracker, or become charged when hit with the Thunder Bolt.
  • The Proto Man appearance isn't in the prototype.