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Proto:Mega Man 7/Intro Stage

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Mega Man 7.

Level Changes

Early Highway
Another one of those wonderfully implausible video game highways
Final Highway
I can't handle all of that climbing

The Intro Stage has the most layout changes of all of the stages in the prototype. The latter half of the stage is changed the most. The Sample version's layout has a good deal of vertical movement, and there are unique graphics showing the highway in much worse shape.

Early Highway Final Highway
Shades of Mega Man 8 All vehicles towed

The sample version's art design for the highway is of a slightly overhead view, while the final version uses a flat perspective. As a result, all of the vehicle background art was removed from the final version. The palette of the shrubs was also changed.

Your tax dollars not at work

Whoever built this highway in the sample version didn't do a good job: Parts of the road will rise or fall when you get near them!

There's a cutscene on this stretch of road in the final version, so these objects were removed. However, the cracks indicating the rising / falling road sections are still visible.

Early Highway Final Highway
Wily takes the safe approach Just shoot his saucer you fool!

The sample's Dr. Wily cutscene is very rough.

  • Dr. Light and Rush are not present.
  • There's no dialogue for this scene.
  • The prison is not destroyed when Wily escapes.
  • Dr. Wily simply flies up from the background. In the final version he flies to the foreground to mock you.
Early Dialogue Final Dialogue
Not built by Dr. Wily. Nope You better tell me who you are?

The Bass battle is fully coded, but the dialogue presentation is different. The final version uses word balloons, while the prototype uses a black box, similar to the dialouge boxes from Mega Man X. The font is also simpler and uses a different palette.

Cutting-edge graphics!

The dialouge boxes in the prototype also spin. This spinning happens every time a dialogue box is opened or closed. Thankfully, this doesn't happen in the final version.

To do:
Compare this to the final version's dialouge

This dialogue is different from the final version's. "This power... You aren't Rockman, are you?" "So I might be. You'd better tell me your name." "Okay then. My name's Forte. This here's Gospel. Dr. Wily is planning world domination again. For the sake of world peace, someone will have to fight him. Together, me and Gospel are changing the world. But Rockman... because of you, we won't have to worry about it. Hahaha!" "Forte and Gospel... what's up with those guys?"


An odd glitch is present here. The player can pause the game while this cutscene is playing. If you switch to a different weapon, you regain control of Mega Man.

Background Changes

Early Highway Background
Frigid Arms Apartments
Final Highway Background
Suicide rates suddenly dropped

The sample version's background is less detailed, missing windows on most of the buildings.. The large brown building was totally redrawn. The sky's color was darkened a bit, and a gradient was added to the top of the screen. The final version's background is also shorter due to layout changes.

Other Differences

  • Turbo Man's theme plays in this level.
  • No password screen appears when you complete the level.