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Proto:Mega Man 7/Slash Man

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Mega Man 7.

Level Changes

Early Slash Man Stage Beware of Jurassic Park references
Final Slash Man Stage Those fences don't look like they'd be effective

The actual stage layout is identical, though some of the shrubbery here was rearranged for the final. The fences and signs were given a darker palette. The two Row Bird swarms were Coilns in the sample, and the second Stegoras is absent.

Early Slash Man Stage Final Slash Man Stage
Empty skies Life will find a way

Two pterosaurs were added as background objects for the final build. The color of the ladder top is lighter in the prototype.

Early Slash Man Stage Technodon will not throw a rave
Final Slash Man Stage Challenge gone

Higher up in the stage, a lot of clouds were put in the final to fill up the otherwise empty sky. A platform to the right of the second Technodon was removed to tone down the difficulty of this section. There are 3 Gobots here compared to the 8 in the final release, and the extra life was changed to an E Tank.

Early Slash Man Stage Clear day
Final Slash Man Stage Cloudy skies

More foreground clouds that were added to class up the place.

Early Slash Man Stage Pits!
Final Slash Man Stage Spikes!

Still more clouds. The three pits in the prototype were filled up with spikes.

Early Slash Man Stage We've turned these trees into androids! Not really sure why but it looks cool
Final Slash Man Stage Haha, cartoony snakes

The tree trunks in the sample are lined with mechanical devices. This machinery was removed for the final version, and some snakes were added so they wouldn't be barren. The bottom of the trees' leaves have added vines in the retail version. The four beehives in the final aren't present in the prototype. Though the ladder is present in the sample, it's impossible to climb up to the next room without hacking the screen borders.

Early Slash Man Stage Research and Development
Final Slash Man Stage Final's four. I'm so clever

The design of the eggs in the windows is of a much less detailed form in the sample: It was changed to look more like the Tamagon eggs in the final version. Slash Man's area has a very different design, featuring a large dinosaur skull and various scientific instruments. These unique graphics were removed, but a ceiling was added. The sample has five Tamagon eggs compared to the final's four.

Early Slash Man Stage Pointless!
Final Slash Man Stage We've got the Beat

Another instance of the egg design change. The tree on the left was fixed for the final version. Beat is locked here in the final, but he's absent in the sample.

Background Changes

Early Slash Man Background Hey artist guy adds some clouds please
Final Slash Man Stage Happy little clouds

I hope you're not sick of clouds by this point because here's more.

Early Slash Man Background Woods
Final Slash Man Stage Who's chopping down the trees? You're making the fairies sad

The background here actually seems more complete in the sample version. The final version removes the trees on the right and the top of the first tree, as these graphics are never actually seen in normal play. The dark trees in the far back are completely black in the final. The tops of trees had their designs changed slightly. The broken shrub graphics at the bottom of the screen were fixed for the final version.

Other Differences

  • King Gajuras doesn't have any AI programmed. He walks toward Mega Man until the screen stops scrolling, but that's it. He's also missing his vestigial arms.
  • The sample has no scroll stop between the 6th and 7th section.