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Proto:Mega Man 7/Sprite Changes

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Mega Man 7.


Mega Man

Prototype Final
Pointy Pointier

The hit graphic was redrawn slightly to straighten out some of the lines.


Prototype Final
Shooting them Bass style. Kickback's a bitch.

Bass' jump-firing animation was altered from tilting back to tilting forward.


Small Capsules

Prototype Final
Maybe it was meant for Proto Man. Round and sparkly.

While the large energy and weapon capsules look identical in both the prototype and the final game, the small capsules were quite different. Though not identical by any means, this early design appears to have been based on the energy and weapon capsules from Mega Man X.

W Tank Pickup

Prototype Final
Fatty fatty fat fat. They give you less for the same amount of bolts. What a ripoff!

The W Tank item was made a bit slimmer for the final version.

Extra Lives

In the prototype, extra lives do not flash, as they do in the final.


Derusu Bee

Prototype Final
This side down. How will the bees find their way out?

The Derusu Beehive had a palette change after the sample version. The prototype's beehive's arrow was removed from the final version.


Prototype Final
Here I come, rambling your way. Less weight = faster flying.

The Gobot enemy is a fair bit larger in the sample version of the game.

Gockroach S

Prototype Final
KILL IT. You don't fool me!

Gockroach S has a slight red tint in the sample version.

Row Bird

Prototype Final
Red Birdon. The color of royalty.

A simple palette change from red body and blue flame, to purple body and red flame.


Prototype Final
Eggy Eggy. The biggest change of this prototype.

While barely noticeable, there is a palette change here. The dark brown color of the Tamagodon is darker in the final version.


Prototype Final
Pick a target already. You don't want to see its fourth cannon.

The design of this enemy was entirely changed. The Final version fits in much better with the Classic series style.

VAN Pookin

Prototype Final
Pumpkinheads! Purple and orange, yes sirree.

All of the pumpkin layers in the prototype are orange. In the final the second pumpkin was given a purple color, a change which was also applied to the stumps at the bottom. The shading is also darker, and the white gleam on the top was changed to a yellow-ish palette.



Prototype Final
So regal. CAWW

Palette changes from dark purple and yellow to light blue and pink.

Ice Platform

Prototype Final
Chilly Still chilly.

Palette updated to reflect the darker cave walls in Freeze Man's stage.

Icicle Teku's Icicle

Prototype Final
Brrr Didn't I see this in Dr. Wily's Revenge?

The icicles that hang from the Icicle Teku were completely redrawn for the final version of the game. They were also made slightly larger.


Prototype Final
Where do you think those tires go? The Michelin Man, drawn and quartered.

The shading on the tire was brightened in the final version.

Trash Magnet

Prototype Final
Watch out Toaster! Magnet Man would like a word with you.

Another completely redesigned object. It looks less like a destroyable enemy in the final version.

White Bear Machine's Ice

Prototype Final
It's just an ice block! Much better.

The ice crystals produced by the White Bear Machines in Freeze Man's stage were simple ice blocks in the prototype.

White Bear Machine's Icicle

Prototype Final
If real polar bears could do this, they'd be unstoppable! More ice redesigns.

Altered to match the style of the Icicle Teku's icicle.